Table Decorations & Home Accessories


Table Decorations & Home Accessories


Table Decorations & Home Accessories

Your big event is just around the corner, but you are still out of table decor ideas? Whether it comes to Table Decorations & Home Accessories for wedding, birthday, or anniversary, our table decoration collection is the best place to set the ball rolling as it has everything you need to dress up your tables. 

Whichever occasion is on the horizon, for table accents & home accessories it's highly recommended to start from the tablecloth. Depending on the size, the shape of your table, and what style you are going to stick to, feel free to choose from our 120'' round flocking damask tablecloths, 120'' chevron satin round tablecloth, 90'' x 90'' seamless polyester square linen tablecloth, 60'' x 126'' premium lace rectangular oblong tablecloth, or whatever tickles your fancy. 


Whenever you are looking to heighten the visual appeal of your home furnishing mainly your tablecloth, we suggest you layer our gingham polyester table runner, cherubic carnations motif runner, floral lace table runner, or whichever runner suits your needs. 

Check out our selection of fancy vases for the centerpiece. It includes our 12'' metallic floating candle pedestal bowl flower pot, 29'' sleek metallic reversible votive candle holder floral vase, and 25'' tall metal floral trumpet vase riser, which you can complement with our peony rose bud and hydrangea real touch artificial silk flower bouquets, 13'' assorted artificial succulent plants yucca aloe vera long stem air plants, or green artificial leaf garland.   

Table Decor Ideas
Candle Holders

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that it is sometimes hard to decide where to start from when it comes to table decor and accents. Luckily, our collection of Table Decorations & Home Accessories will not just trigger your creativity but will also provide you with everything you need to build a stunning tablescape for your event or living space from scratch. Please visit us to see for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to decorate a coffee table?

Ans: Decorating your relaxation corner in the living room requires not only beautiful tablecloths and runners, but adding modern accents and embellishments can also make a warm statement. Use a serving tray to display family photos, candle shades, ornamental plants, and long stem candle holders and turn the corner of your coffee accent table into something very valuable.  

For modern decorating, simply spread different types of candles on a tray. Or use a wooden slab as a tray and display delicate ornamental items like a bundle of flowers in glass vases next to candles.

2. How to decorate dining table ?

Ans: To give some dimension and drama to a dining room table, use and place candles midway on the table to ensure a sense of balance. Or add a simple yet chic touch to your mantle by adorning them with mixed and matched wooden candle holders or hurricane glass candle holders along with a gorgeous flower arrangement. 

3. How do you style a console table?


4. How to decorate entryway table?

Ans: Entryways must be welcoming and therefore adequately decorated. Select a theme and shop from our vast collection of Table Decorations & Home Accessories. Sticking to a single, binding motif in the anteroom is a profoundly unique approach to acquaint visitors with your style from the moment they stroll in your entryway.

5. How to decorate a candy table ?

Ans: Candy buffet has become a staple at most parties these days, from small parties and baby showers to grand weddings. Here's how you can decorate one for your next event:

  • Decide on a theme and colors.
  • Select the type of sweets you want to display.
  • Divide your table into 3 horizontal zones and elevate the candy jars and cake stands in each zone. Always use taller containers like apothecary jars at the back, but make sure they're not too far away for your guests to reach for the candy inside them.
  • Calculate how much sweets you will need
  • Design your table with a beautiful tablecloth, colorful backgrounds for a pop of color, and decorative centerpieces.
  • The last part is to add the details. Once you have all the candies to match your color palette, you can add the table sign. Use ribbons as cupcake toppers, add bling to the candy scoops with rhinestone stickers, throw in Marquee letter lights to the ensemble, and don't forget some unique party favors that your guest can take home once the party is over. All mentioned are of course available at 

6. How to pot an artificial plant ?


  • Select a decorative pot or planter.
  • Cut the floral foam to the size of your pot so that it fits inside.
  • Decide the arrangement of your artificial shrubs and trees. After deciding, simply push them down on the floral foam. Repeat until all your ornamental trees are secured!
  • After the artificial plants are in place, use a glue gun to cover the floral foam with artificial moss. You can also improve its appearance by covering it with rocks or pebbles. Once all the foam is covered with moss, shake the pot a bit to remove excess moss. Then step back and appreciate your work!

7. What is a decorative planter ?

Ans: Decorative planters are becoming very popular for holding floral arrangements because they are lightweight and cheap. They are made of different materials, such as clay, wood, tin, and plastic. They look very attractive and can enhance the beauty of your room decoration and can give an instant makeover to any dull looking room, terrace, and garden.

8. What is the best Wedding Souvenirs & Unique Party Favors for wedding ?

Ans: The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a wedding souvenir and party favor is calculating your budget. Then you will have to decide if you want edible favors, small and thoughtful souvenirs, or something else. For creative wedding and unique party favor ideas, check out our extensive collection of Wedding Souvenirs & Unique Party Favors where you can find an assortment of Potpourri Vase Fillers, Drawstring Pouch Gift Bags, Round Mint Tin Favor Boxes, Cinderella Carriage, and many more!

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