Tall Taper Candles & Pillar Candles Bulk


Tall Taper Candles & Pillar Candles Bulk To Adorn Events!

Tall Taper Candles

Since the dawn of time, we’ve always been enchanted with fire. Even today, in the LED age, we can’t resist the magnetizing charm of dancing candle flames and whimsical shades they create. To this end, if you are looking to add a timeless element into your celebratory décor, look no further than candles. Those who need high-quality products shouldn’t disregard the Tall Taper Candles & Pillar Candles Bulk from TableclothsFactory.

Made from high-quality materials, our unscented premium taper candles are dripless, meaning that you can forget about those irritating wax spots here and there. Due to the 100% cotton wick, our dripless taper candles can burn up to 9 hours, which is way longer than an average party! Being absolutely unscented, these luminaries are 100% allergy-safe. Depending on your color palette and event theme, feel free to choose from our white, gold, blush, or silver premium taper candles and mix and match them with our Dripless Unscented Pillar Candles.

Pillar Candles Bulk
Large Pillar Candles

Whichever option you pick, black LED taper candles or white LED taper candles set, both of these 11" Flickering Flameless Battery Operated Candles will look tantalizing in combination with our crystal chandelier candelabras, metal candlesticks, diamond pendant candle holders, glass vases, or whatever deserves a touch of timelessness. At TableclothsFactory, we strive to help you make your creative ideas a reality. If you are looking for high-quality colored tapers & pillar candles for your centerpieces, please don’t hesitate to consider our unscented Tall Taper Candles & Pillar Candles Bulk from our online store!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to decorate pillar candles ?

Ans: Candles are similar to romance and there is nothing like the light they emit, especially at a wedding reception. When you are considering using candles, especially large pillar candles in your centerpieces or wedding decor, it can add up quickly. An elegant yet cost-effective way to adorn your pillar candles is to melt napkin designs into the candle.

Another would be to create a beautifully painted DIY candle decoration to match any style of home or event décor. Jewelry, beads, lace, and fabrics are also some of the materials you can use to reinvent a regular dripless candle into an elegant item.

2. How long do pillar candles burn ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory's unscented pillar candles burn time varies depending on their size. Our 3-inch pillar candles have 20 hours burn time; 6-inch, 40 hours; and 9-inch, 60 hours. 

3. Where to buy pillar candles ?

Ans: If you're looking for pillar candles bulk to add an understated elegance to any occasion, be it at home, the office, or an event, then you are on the right track. TableclothsFactory offers a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes that work together for a dignified centerpiece at weddings, dinner parties, restaurants, and banquet tables.

Pair with numerous vases, pillar stands, and holder options and make your chances for design limitless. Browse our wide selection of pillar candles now and enjoy.

4. How long does a 10 inch taper candle burn ?

Ans: Our 10-inch taper candles have 8-9 hours burn time. Candles have a memory and a shorter burn time will build a narrow wax pool reducing the overall life of your candle.

5. Where to buy colored taper candles ?

Ans: At TableclothsFactory, you will find a wide range of candles in different sizes and colors. Our tall candles are a practical way to combine old-world style and beauty into everyday life. Any decorator knows that a simple way to add sophistication and warmth to a party is through candlelights.

Decorate your mantle or place them on platforms and shelves, as they produce a soft glow and set the mood for any occasion. Stick candles are a must-have for weddings and candlelight dinners. For large parties and special events, be sure to buy in bulk for more savings.

6. How to decorate taper candles ?

Ans: When you decorate ordinary candles, you transform something plain into something that is a conversation piece. Almost anything can be used to decorate ordinary candles. Tapered candlesticks tend to break easily. It will be easier to decorate if you insert it into a candle holder before decorating it.

You can also wrap the entire candle with a decal, or put smaller ones around it. Another would be to surround it with painted (or plain) sticks and burlap ribbon to create a cozy, homely display. You can also decorate long candles with ribbons in your favorite colors or according to the party theme.

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