Tulle Rolls Wholesale


Tulle Rolls Wholesale

Needless to say, nothing says festivity like tulle – to this end, this fabric is one of the most sought-after decorating options for weddings, bridal showers, and other festivities. Whether you are looking for tulle rolls wholesale for your table linens, draperies, or garments, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of rolls and bolts of tulle fabric wholesale

Thus, whenever you are looking to sew a grandeur backdrop for an upcoming event, we strongly recommend you consider our 54'' x 40 yards tulle fabric bolt or 108'' x 50 yards tulle fabric bolt. If you need to style your tabletop with a stylish table runner, or your floral centerpiece calls for a personalized touch, we are happy to offer you our 6'' x 25 yards tulle roll fabric bolt, 9'' x 100 yards tulle rolls, and beyond. 

Available in a variety of shades, our tulle fabric bolts can become an integral part of any décor, whether it calls for red tulle fabric or white tulle fabric. Furthermore, with the range of lengths, our collection will always meet your expectations, no matter how much tulle you need, we have a shimmer tulle wholesale selection. When it comes to durability, our tulle fabric by the bolt will withstand extensive usage – just stick to our easy how-to-care instructions.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that as a creative person, you may be needing plenty of high-quality materials at rock-bottom prices. Since no celebration décor is complete without tulle, please don’t hesitate to stock up on these peerless tulle rolls wholesale at our online store. If you are interested in high-grade yet inexpensive tulle bolt, our tulle collection is the best place to shop from!




1. What is tulle roll used for ?

Ans: Tulle cloth is known for its wispy net-like patterns and was initially used for the finishing of skirts, hats, and handbags as well as for veils, evening gowns, and ballet wear. Many people love this flowy fabric for its versatility, as it can be stiffer or softer than usual depending on the material.

Regardless, tulle fabric rolls are not only used in the garment industry; it also looks stunning on pretty much anything it touches. A tulle spool can also be used in furniture and decoration, particularly for adorning gifts and favors, arts and crafts, and floral decorations, and it is among the textiles and materials used in stage sets, theatrical costumes, and hair accessories.

2. Can you cut tulle without it fraying ?

Ans: Have you ever gotten tired of always seeing frayed edges on your clothes and sewing projects? Well, we can all agree that these raw edges can be quite annoying to look at. Your eyes always seem to end up on those raw edges no matter how hard you try to focus on the overall beautiful look of your decorations and that can be a nuisance.

One of the impressive features of tulle fabric bolts is that they do not fray and do not need to be hemmed, unlike other linen garments. If you want your tulle to have properly cut edges, you'll need to prepare a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat by hand.

However, if you don't have any cutting materials available, you can cut your tulle decorations with a sharp scissor, but they won't give you the same clean, straight edge as a cutter. Still, you shouldn't worry too much about the edges of the tulle rolls because they are not fully visible and that can also be a good thing as it gives off a flowing and airy vibe.

3. How to decorate with tulle ?

Ans: Indeed, tulle is a gem in the clothing industry, but what most people don't realize is that tulle is extremely versatile. They can be used for numerous occasions including events, home decor, and crafts. Not just multiple times, but also in a variety of ways. Here are some of the amazing ideas to use tulle craft supplies in your home and event decor.

  • For a simple and casual centerpiece, wrap your old wine bottles with our embroidered wholesale tulle bolts and add some twigs and branches.
  • Make your own linens with our green tulle fabric to dress up your tables and chairs. For a wonderful finishing touch, place a floral piece or arrangement on top of them.
  • Drape an ivory tulle fabric around tree branches for an outdoor garden party. Accent with lustrous LED string lights for a more magical vibe.
  • Instead of using a fancy gift bag for your favors, use our navy blue tulle circles to wrap your treats and little tokens for your visitors. 
  • Utilize our fascinating polka dot tulle to dress up your stairs, banisters, and wooden arches, then match it with flowers and greenery to complete the look.

4. Where to buy tulle rolls ?

Ans: You already have the decorations in place but you feel something is missing when you look at it; perhaps what you have been wanting all this time is a more vibrant and fashionable appearance. Well, what you need is a wholesale tulle fabric that you can use for all types of crafts or decorating.

We've got you covered with our colorful assortment of decorative tulle available in a variety of sizes and patterns. If you want to make your party atmosphere look airier and visually appealing, please choose our light blue tulle. Associating other shades of blue tulle also brings freshness and harmony to the decoration of your home and party.

On the other hand, opt for a gold tulle fabric if you prefer a more elegant and luxurious feel in your crafts and venues. This color can help small spaces appear larger. Not only that, but when paired with black tulle, it exudes a sense of grandeur and splendor.

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