Unscented Candles


Unscented Candles

Unscented Candles

Want to host a luminous event while ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time without the discomfort and sensitivities to scent getting in the way? Or want to add personality to accentuate your interior design features? Our wide variety of unscented candles are the perfect solution for you! Scentless candles light up your space while adding coziness and luxury to any room.

Whether you want to add a comforting soft glow on your vases or set a romantic mood on your bathtub, nothing is more enchanting than watching the candlelight of our floating fragrance free candles dance on water. Looking for something to infuse a stellar elegance to your classic decor? Our unscented taper candles work perfectly in candlesticks and candelabras to accentuate your interior design. Whereas, our unscented pillar candles look spectacular by the fireplace or over a dining table for a lovely atmosphere.

Vigil Candles
Long Lasting Candles

In case you’re planning to add subtle candlelight to bedside tables, coffee tables, or bookcases, clustered votive unscented candle wax look great together. Start exuding warm exotic glow to your space using our unscented pack of candles. Browse through our online store and check out TableclothsFactory’s vast selection of unscented candles today!




1. What are the best long lasting candles ?

Ans: Lighting unscented candles in glass is perfect for making your time at home more enjoyable and relaxing, especially on long cold winter days. But if you bought a pack of candles without jar and were put off by its short burn rate and are now searching the internet for a better option, don't worry because TableclothsFactory may have not just one, but a selection of long-lasting unscented colored candles and white unscented candles for you to choose from. 

Our elegant-looking unscented votive candles are perfect if you want to try new types of block candles. Although shorter compared to regular votives, these small candles bulk pack a big punch as they are long-lasting and you won't have to worry about the wax dripping onto the table covers because these high-quality unscented candle wax votives are dripless and clean burning.

If you want long-lasting candles that will look great around the home and as a centerpiece, then you will approve of our unscented pillar candles. These aesthetically appealing pillar candles are the best option available in the market, with a burn time of up to 60 hours. Similar to our long burning votive and pillar candles, the unsurpassed beauty of our large floating candles will give you a prolonged and exciting way to illuminate your home spaces. 

2. How to safely burn a candle ?

Ans: There is something special about lighting a candle, its flickering effect can give us a soothing and mesmerizing ambiance. However, lighting a candle can pose a fire hazard if not carefully monitored. If you're using scentless candles to brighten up your home, follow these safety tips.

  • Never leave lit candles unattended. As much as possible, burn different size candles on sight.
  • Avoid burning large unscented candles near drafts or anything that might catch fire. Place them far from books, curtains, furniture, and other flammable items.
  • Keep fragrance free candles out of reach of children and away from pets.
  • Always have tall white candles sit on a protective base like candlestick holders and decorative candle lanterns.

    3. How to use floating candles ?

    Ans: Using floating water candles is a great way to provide a glamorous and luxurious aura to home interiors. As well as providing fascinating and relaxing lighting while floating serenely, these floating tea lights are becoming an integral part of home décor because they are versatile and can be used as a centerpiece or to enhance other home decorations.

    Here are some innovative ways to use floating tea light candles and help set the mood indoors.

    • Make your living room warm and inviting by lighting and placing floating flower candles in a wooden, glass, or whatever container you prefer. Add some colored stones and seashells for a more interesting look. 
    • Add accent lighting to your dinner table. Take a cylindrical vase and fill it with water. Add 2mm water beads and some color to the water and light a white floating candle on top.
    • Place several floating candles in the pool. These will reflect off the water and help create a beautiful luminescence. However, use floating candles for pool only when no one is using the swimming pool.

      4. Where can I buy unscented candles ?

      Ans: If you're simply looking to add warmth and a cozy atmosphere rather than scent to your space, you'll be happy to have the best unscented candles for less from TableclothsFactory. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that our candles are smokeless, dripless, and have a lead-free cotton wick so you can prevent wax build-up on your tables or a soot-black color on your walls. 

      Aside from that, we also have a selection of long-lasting candles that are so beautiful in person that they will look gorgeous as an accent decoration in any room, even if you never plan to light them. Enjoying the warmth that candles bring does not necessarily mean that they should be fragrant. Set one where you need it. Display them on a tray, place some in small bowls, or just group them in the center of your tabletop. These bulk unscented candles for sale prove that unscented is not dull after all.

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