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Wall Florals


Wall Florals

It goes without saying that flowers are an integral part of any celebration. To this end, it is sometimes difficult to make your event décor stand out from the rest with the help of expensive and expirable blooms. However, there are some exceptions: you can highlight the significance of your event with our wilt-free wedding flower walls and supplies.

You can set the ball rolling by setting up our UV protected rose & hydrangea flower wall mat panel – featuring myriads of rose and hydrangea artificial flowers mounted onto bendable netting, this giant flower wall is extremely easy to install. To augment the charm of your vertical garden, we strongly recommend you accentuate it with our assortment of paper peony flowersreal feel foam dahlia flowers, real touch artificial foam craft roses, real feel foam daisy flowers, or whatever your giant paper flower wall backdrop calls for. To go along with your flower wall, it is highly recommended to decorate your ceilings with DIY kissing balls, which  can easily be made with the help of our white styrofoam filler foam beads balls and any of our matching artificial blooms from our online store.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that a simple flower arrangement doesn’t suffice. With our wedding flower walls and supplies, you can assemble a stunning floral backdrop in no time! Please drop by our collection and find out how easy it is to create awe-inspiring installations!

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