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Wall Florals

It goes without saying that flowers are an integral part of any celebration. To this end, it is sometimes difficult to make your event décor stand out from the rest with the help of expensive and expirable blooms. However, there are some exceptions: you can highlight the significance of your event with our wilt-free wedding flower walls and supplies.

You can set the ball rolling by setting up our UV protected rose & hydrangea flower wall mat panel – featuring myriads of rose and hydrangea artificial flowers mounted onto bendable netting, this giant flower wall is extremely easy to install.

To augment the charm of your vertical garden, we strongly recommend you accentuate it with our assortment of paper peony flowersreal feel foam dahlia flowers, real touch artificial foam craft roses, real feel foam daisy flowers, or whatever your giant paper flower wall backdrop calls for. 

3D Wall Decor
Floral Wall Art

To go along with your flower wall, it is highly recommended to decorate your ceilings with DIY kissing balls, which can easily be made with the help of our white styrofoam filler foam beads balls and any of our matching artificial blooms from our online store.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that a simple flower arrangement doesn’t suffice. With our wedding flower walls and supplies, you can assemble a stunning floral backdrop in no time! Please drop by our collection and find out how easy it is to create awe-inspiring installations!



1. How to decorate with paper flowers ?

Ans: Fresh cut flowers indeed give off a natural refreshing aura. But despite their undeniable beauty, they don't last for a long time as they will eventually wither away. This is why people nowadays opt for alternatives like artificial flowers and paper art flowers that do not fade over time. Take a look at these amazing flower decorations at home that you can easily recreate with paper flowers.

  • Hang beautiful large paper wall flowers on the ceiling and accent walls of your child's room.
  • Peony paper flowers are also a great decoration for special occasions, use these flowers as centerpieces on dessert tables.
  • Decorate the walls of your room by attractively affixing paper craft flowers on the walls.
  • Use carnation paper flowers to add texture and color to your minimalist wreath.
  • Make a floral monogram out of 3d paper flowers and hang it or place it on a shelf to enhance and add style to any room.
  • Use large tissue paper flowers to create an artistic and eye-catching backdrop in the living room.

2. How to decorate butterfly stickers on wall ?

Ans: Butterflies are generally associated with spring and summer and can easily bring this ambiance to any area in your home. Since bare walls are often the most visible surface in home interiors, it is the most ideal canvas to decorate with butterfly wall stickers.

Butterfly decals are amazing for creating a unique effect and adding color, texture, and volume to blank walls. Use a group of aesthetic butterfly stickers or a single butterfly, or arrange them in a swirl effect. Hang some empty frames and place your choice of 3d wall decor inside for a cool effect. Use bold colors on neutral-colored walls or white on vibrant, printed walls for a staggering effect.

There are much simpler or more complex ways to include butterflies in your home décor. If you need a slight accent on the wall, butterfly wall decals are the perfect option as they are easy to change depending on the season or your taste. 

3. How to make wreath at home ?

Ans: Home decor wreaths are great ornaments to use indoors and even outside your home. A paper wreath DIY is much simpler than you might think and it just takes a little creativity and the right materials to turn an easy flower craft into a work of art that you can hang all year round. 

To help you get started with your wreath making, you will need to gather the following supplies: paper flowers, green crepe paper, long floral wire, hot glue, scissors, wire cutters, and a gold hoop as the base of your paper wreath craft.

  • First, cut the pieces of crepe paper diagonally to form two half triangles. Flip a piece so that the vertical line on the paper runs from bottom to top. Join two halves together and cut them into a leaf shape. 
  • Use the floral wire to bind the leaves together and wrap them in layers. Adjust the wire to create a very realistic leaf shape. Once you've made all the leaves, you can attach them to the gold hoop and secure them with hot glue. 
  • Arrange your paper flowers as you desire on top of the leaves. Once you are happy with your design, secure the flowers to the frame with hot glue.
  • And that’s it. Your DIY flower wreath is done. If you plan to hang your wonderful paper flower wreath outside, it is advisable to use foam flowers, as moisture and paper are not a good combination.

4. Where to buy paper flowers ?

Ans: Flowers are timeless decorations that can be used in many ways, from weddings to dinner parties and home interiors, these flower decorations are adored by many. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these gorgeous blooms, they may not be the best practical choice for everyone as they can be a little expensive and can easily wilt after some time.

Whether you're looking for gorgeous giant carnation paper flowers, bright and vibrant peony paper flowers, and other extremely detailed flowers made out of paper perfect for special events, showcases, home decor, and more, you’ll find them all at TableclothsFactory.com. 

5. Where to get cool wall art ?

Ans: Personalize the look of every room in your home with floral wall decors that suits your style. With options ranging from flowers out of paper and foam flowers bulk to 3d butterfly wall stickers and paper fan wall decorations, it's easy to find the floral wall backdrop that will make your space feel more personalized. 

Look for real feel daisy foam flowers to display in the nursery or double-winged butterflies to accent a feature wall. Imagine what kind of style you really want to achieve because there is no limit to the creativity you can manifest when shopping at TableclothsFactory for floral wall art.

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