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Wedding & Party Lights



Wedding & Party Lights To Add Festive Glow To Events

Wedding Lights

Want to add a dramatic factor into your celebratory décor? With LED lights from TableclothsFactory, you can take your partyscape from drab to fab without breaking the banks.

If you’re looking for wholesale LED under table lights to surprise everybody with a light-up table or LED fairy string lights to wrap around banisters, arches, or chairs, look no further than our collection of hanging string led lights. When it comes to the colors, you won’t be disappointed either – whether you need red LED fairy lights, LED green string lights, blue LED string lights, or fushia outdoor string lights, we can always offer you plenty of options.

Whenever you are planning to entertain your guests with photo-shooting or want to make your aisle more prominent, we are at your service with our backdrop & aisle lighting collection. In order to be in the spotlight on your big day, shop from our professional stage lighting collection. Our LED centerpieces and LED candles will help you transform your table into a spectacular performance of lights and shadows. 

Party Lights
Event Lighting

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that no big event is complete without proper lighting. No matter how much lighting you need, don’t worry about expenses – our whimsical LEDs collection is full of high-quality luminaries which won’t hurt your decoration budget. Whichever lights you need – backdrop fairy lights, LED centerpieces, stage spotlights, or LED table lights for weddings, don’t hesitate to visit our selection and purchase everything you need at one time!





1. How to make a fairy light canopy 

Ans: Ceiling fairy lights hung overhead are taking over wedding and party venues by storm and it's no wonder why it's such a beloved event lighting style. Whatever you call them: fairy, twinkle, or string lights, these sparkling details have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of the event. If you've also been inspired to have your own swoon-worthy led twinkle lights setup at your next event, here are some important things to consider.

  • When planning the installation of wedding lighting for any particular space, the first thing you need to decide is which pattern to use that best suits the event space, décor, and occasion, as different patterns work best for different events.
  • The zigzag pattern would work perfectly over long rows of tables for outdoor weddings, flooding guests in the warmth and softness of wedding fairy lights. 
  • Another option is to create a light marquee with the use of fairy lights wedding over the reception area. If you plan to rent a fabric tent, place the string lights wedding inside to match the shape of the roof. This will not only provide the light needed for eating and dancing but the lights will also reflect off any shiny objects below, such as other hanging ornaments or the glass tableware, creating a dreamy fantasyland.
  • If the event is taking place in a function room, you can use a hoop or ceiling drape ring to anchor the battery operated hanging lights. If you have ample ceiling height, you can hang a chandelier in the center as a convergence point for the lights.

2. How to light an outdoor wedding reception ?

Ans: If your concept of an unforgettable wedding reception involves dancing outdoors under a sea of starts, then you'll need to allocate a budget for great LED wedding lights. While you shouldn't expect a single outdoor event lighting to illuminate the whole outdoor event space, you shouldn't overdo it either. To help you make the perfect choice for your outdoor night wedding and set up your outdoor wedding lights, here are some outdoor wedding lighting ideas to consider.

  • Hang industrial-style light bulb string lights alongside your tables that your guests can adore, especially when the sun goes down. 
  • Brighten up your outdoor dining tables by filling unique glass bottles and jars with decorative led string lights. You can display these fairy lights wedding centerpieces or hang them for a rustic and bohemian touch.
  • A lighted tree looks ethereal at night and would be an excellent choice. Use wedding tree lights to illuminate the branches and stems of your favorite tree. 
  • Make a stunning impression at your venue's entrance with plug in string lights that cover the entire entryway.
  • A cute and inexpensive wedding lighting idea is by having outdoor wedding string lights run down the aisle. Double your lights for a striking march towards happily ever after. 

3. How to make up lighting for a party ?

Ans: Uplighting really makes a big difference when it comes to the overall design of an event. Uplights are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue and provide walls from floor to ceiling with dramatic and subtle lighting. Get a professional lighting effect without having to spend too much by ordering the interior uplighting you need from TableclothsFactory. 

These uplighting lights are extremely easy to use, allowing anyone to set them up. For maximum coverage and to completely wash walls and floors with light, place floor uplights 5 feet apart around the perimeter of your venue. If you want to create an elegant setting, place the indoor floor spotlights 10 feet apart around the room. If you want to highlight specific areas in your event space, such as the dessert table, head table, or perhaps the dance floor, it is suggested to use at least 4-8 floor accent lighting.

You can use our LED light spotlights and LED wall washer lights to enhance your entire party space and bring the room to life. If you are thinking of giving your event a spicy and personal touch, don't forget to add color. Add a touch of sparkle with red white and blue lights and it is sure to add to the atmosphere of your celebration.

4. How to temporarily hang a disco ball ?

Ans: You don't need to have a disco-themed event to have an excuse to create the ultimate party atmosphere. Captivate the attention of your guests with a lively display of multicolored disco balls and create a romantic light show to really get the party started.

You can hang a disco ball light in almost any space, but the most popular way to hang it is through the center of the ceiling. Once you find a suitable spot on the ceiling to hang the motor, secure the motor to the ceiling with hooks and screws designed to securely attach objects to the ceiling. Next, hook the party disco ball chain to the motor. If your disco ball party light doesn't come with a disco ball motor and hardware, use a fishing line to tie it to a ceiling hook.

5. Where to get party lights ?

Ans: One of the most overlooked parts of party planning is choosing the right party lights. Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or inviting your friends to a weekend gathering, the type of lights you use can greatly influence your celebration. That is why here at TableclothsFactory, we are happy to help you!

Decide what image you want to appear at your party first, and then work to turn your party light ideas into reality. We offer you the best party lights on the market ranging from battery operated led lights with remote, led ball light, and colored party lights that will indeed illuminate your event space. Among the many available led lighting options, we recommend that you choose the led light decoration that best suits your event.

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind steals that you can't find anywhere else, we have them also. No matter what your celebration is, we have dazzling lights for all occasions ready to illuminate your event. Plus, these are items that you can use time and time again. No matter the celebration, we have many reasonably priced light decorations to choose from. Discover deals on various selections that are sure to blend amazingly with any party theme when you shop with us.

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