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Wholesale Silk Peonies


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Wholesale Silk Peonies


Silk peonies are one of the favorite flowers for wedding centerpieces and arrangements as well as for home decors because of their big, double-bloomed bulbs that will steal your breath away. Realistic fake peonies express passion and success and are ideal for rustic weddings or decor. These gorgeous and fuzzy faux peony arrangements will give an enchanting finishing look to bouquets, with soft stems that are comfortable to grip while the skillfully handmade flowers will give an eternal refreshing look and feel to your flowering arrangements.

Impart a fresh charm and colorful radiance to dull tables, backdrops, vases and centerpieces with our Faux Peony Arrangements that seamlessly mimic the delicate beauty and ruffled construction of realistic fake peonies. This bouquet of soft, and natural-looking silk peonies wholesale bushes will always stay colorful and blooming, unlike their natural counterparts that wilt and wither very soon. Use these blissful silk peonies in bulk on their own to adorn your home, office, or party ambiance, or pair with our silk flowers, foliage, stems, branches, and leaves to make mesmeric masterpieces.

Beauty, delicacy, and vibrancy; these are the three key elements that we kept in mind while creating this breathtaking bouquet of silk peonies arrangement. With the combination of large, small, and tiny realistic fake peonies, they will add a refreshing colorful twist to your centerpieces, arch decoration, aisle décor, table décor, and floor décor with these faux peony arrangements*.

Enhance the appeal of your home with Tableclothsfactory's silk peonies in bulk. Experience the balance it will add, as well as the recognition it will collect throughout the year. Brimming with throbbing blossoms and lavish greenery, this lifelike faux florals will inspire your home with a garden-chic glamour. Decorate your front doorway with welcoming sprays of preserved wildflowers, craft a snappy dining tabletop accent piece with multicolored roses and hydrangeas, then fill your console table scheme with bunches of peonies, mums, orchids, and more.

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