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Wire Wreath Frame

Wreaths and hoops exhibit luxury, charm, and romance to accentuate the décor, be it a home or a party. A wooden or metal floral hoop impart a suave and ravishing elegance to create charming bouquets, hanging wall mounted florals, mini wreaths, and DIY crafts. Whether you wish to create a festive wreath for an upcoming holiday, or simply desire to add a floriated flair to your home and party space, we’ve got you covered with our stellar collection of floral hoop wreath.

These multipurpose, sleek, and voguish, rings can be used for a plethora of projects. It creates stunning backdrops and arch displays, can be attached to walls with pearls and beads for a glitzy glamorous display.

Our gold floral hoop can be accentuated with floral sprays or moss tapes to create breathtakingly mesmerizing décor. It can be used to create a minimalistic affair and to add colour to dull spaces. This metal wreath hoop is ready to hang, easy and flexible, and require no maintenance. These flower hoop and greenery wreaths are suited for wedding arches, wedding backdrops, photo booths, wall décor, bridal shower, baby shower, or to create a warm, romantic abode. 

Floral Hoops
Wreath Making Supplies

If you want a rustic wreath, use our Natural Twig Wreath to add a woodsy wonder to the floral arrangements, fall décor, hanging décor or table décor. This hoop wreath can add a simple and understated look to your door, either keep it simple with foliage or add a pop of festival colours by incorporating some flowers.

Create stylish DIY holiday wreaths by incorporating our peach artificial flowers, turquoise artificial flowers, or even the fuchsia artificial flowers, twigs, succulents, moss, and other décor accents. You can also check our more products like backdrops, confetti, garlands, and vines to add an ethereal effect to the ambiance. Drop by our collection today to choose stylish crafts supplies and DIY wreaths and hoops.




1. How to decorate a wreath with silk flowers ?

Ans: If you want a home decor that will work for any holiday or season, the easiest option is to create a DIY silk flower wreath. Liven up your home interior and bring an enjoyable ambiance all year round with this easy-to-make floral hoop wreath that you can customize to your style and liking.

Materials: 14 inch wire wreath frame, artificial eucalyptus, silk flowers, floral tape, and wire cutters.

  • Start by covering the wire wreath frame with the artificial eucalyptus. Trim off any excess stem with a wire cutter and secure them to the metal door wreaths with hot glue.
  • Using your wire cutters, cut the stems of your artificial flowers, leaving about 4-6" of the stem.
  • Place the flower stems on the foliage-covered metal wreath form. Once you are happy with your design, secure the flower stems to the wreath with floral tape.
  • Easily update your wreath to match the theme or season by carefully removing the silk flowers and replacing and adding any embellishments to your liking.

    2. Where to hang a wreath indoors ?

    Ans: Wreaths have always been used to make a grand statement on front doors as they never fail to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. But when you think about it, there are also other fabulous areas inside your home to showcase this versatile decor piece, so why limit it to your front door? 

    Artificial flower wreaths can pretty much go anywhere to add texture, dimension, or glamour to your everyday décor, and below are some fantastic ideas on how you can get creative and do so.

    • Living rooms are a high traffic area and hanging your indoor wreath decor above the mantlepiece will quickly create a noticeable visual interest.
    • A strategically placed deco mesh flower wreath will leave a lasting impression on friends and family and the perfect spot to do that is in the hallway.
    • For maximum exposure, with the use of a ribbon hang a wreath by the window in your living area so you can enjoy its beauty both indoors and outdoors.
    • Another smart decorating trick that is both artful and easy is by dressing up a mirror with a wooden wreath ring for a rustic farmhouse look.
    • Add an effortless charm to your bedroom by mounting your wreath wall decor on any wreathless surface.
    • A floral ring wreath will also look festive when hung against interior doors. Get a warm and cozy ambiance as you move through rooms in your home space by hanging a flower door wreath on the door of your closet, bedroom, or pantry. 

      3. Where to buy metal wreath rings ?

      Ans: Looking for a firm, stable, and fashionable wreath base for your home decor wreaths? Shop TableclothsFactory’s floral ring wreaths now and create beautiful and spectacular home accents and DIY crafts. This simple and minimalistic metal wreath base makes a steady foundation to support various wreath designs.

      Add your own personal touch to these sleek wire wreaths with your favorite seasonal flowers and foliage, add a touch of pretty fabric or ribbon to match your home décor style, or add small balloons to create a balloon wreath for the kid’s room. No need to bend boughs or coat hangers anymore because all you need are these metal hoop wreaths to add a modern twist to the timeless tradition of hanging a hoop wreath home decor.

      4. Where to buy grapevine wreaths ?

      Ans: Show off a style that is uniquely yours with TableclothsFactory’s 12 inch grapevine wreath. It's the perfect canvas if you want to give a personalized touch to your interior décor, seasonal centerpieces, and DIY craft projects. Adorn our grapevine wreath with flowers and foliage, fruits, berries, pinecones, and other craft items for fabulous wreath decorations that you can hang anywhere indoors or outdoors. 

      Our full, sturdy, and eco-friendly bulk grapevine wreaths are made from natural overlapping twigs that are sure to add a rustic-chic vibe to any of your wonderful creations. Whether you want to embellish your front door or create your own ornaments and add your own flair, our flexible grapevine wreaths for sale will fill your living space and tabletop displays with a refreshing natural charm. Hang straight for an organic look, interlace light bulbs for a unique lighting effect, sprinkle with craft glitters, or brush with white paint perfect for a winter holiday vibe.

      5. Where to buy metal wreath frames ?

      Ans: Let your creativity run wild by making trendy festive wreaths that you can use to accent your home all year long. TableclothsFactory's durable metal wreath frame is the perfect base for creating a wide variety of DIY garland and tinsel wreaths for any occasion.

      Our sturdy, easy to work with, and lightweight large wreath frame is made of 4 sturdy steel rings that won't easily bend or rust so you can wrap flowers, greenery, ribbons, fabrics, fancy lights, seasonal embellishments, and other craft materials for your DIY project to take shape. These wire wreath rings are also excellent for art projects and crafters who want to make personalize decor items, favors, and homemade gifts to give to family and friends.

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