Care Products Terms and Conditions

This below is written by an average Joe, not lawyers, please read to understand why we have these supplies available and the terms.
As the Covid-19 situation continue to evolve, we want to do our best to help the community and general public. We’ve used our connections with the fabric manufactures to secure some protective gears that is currently in dire shortage in our country. These gears are produced by FDA approved manufacturers with CE and ISO certification, however, at the end of the day we are not medical experts, thus, these supplies CANNOT be considered medical grade.

Reason we are getting these in:
1. It is badly needed by the general population just to continue their normal daily life.
2. Companies to provide for their employees, just like we purchased 10,000 in early March for our own employees, so does all other businesses. Not everyone is able to acquire these at without getting gouged.
3. We want these gears to help protect everyone so we can all go back to our normal lives and resume the gatherings!!! Having fun and parties are what we specialize in.
1. Unable to accept any returns / exchanges on these gears.
Otherwise, large orders of over $10,000 may be held.
2. Any liquid items such as hand sanitizer – this can ONLY be shipped UPS GROUND. No Air.
3. These gears are for general population, we are not able to make any guarantee on the medical grade labels.

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