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10 Yards 7/8" Blue Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

Item Number:RIB_BABY78_BLUE

10 Yards 7/8" Blue Printed Grosgrain Ribbon
10 Yards 7/8" Blue Printed Grosgrain Ribbon
  • $4.99

  • Ribbon comes in 7/8” x 10 yards (30 feet) per spool.
  • Ribbon is grosgrain style, made of polyester material.
  • Use our ribbons to decorate your celebration, banquet, or any other event.

More Details

Children are little angels befallen from heavens to transform our life into a blissful venture. Soft, sweet, and so very adorable, these little ones are a true blessing to be gratified for. Whether you are celebrating a baby shower, a gender reveal party, or completion of your childs first year of life, let everything around you exhibit your love and affection for your child. Cherish and rejoice this parental elation with your friends and family by presenting them cute favors, gifts, or take-home cake boxes adorably wrapped up with our comely ABC printed ribbons. High quality grosgrain ribbons are prettily printed with a cuddle teddy, a drum set, a button and cute baby blocks with ABC alphabets on them, all in beguiling blue hue, to remind you of how blessed you are. For all the cousins, friends and relatives of your little baby create inspiring keepsakes of acknowledgement and appreciation with these lovely baby theme ribbons swathed around, thanking them on sharing this pleasurable moment of your life with you.

Additional Information:
Note: Ribbon text only states 'ABC'
Texture: Grosgrain Style
Material: Polyester
Uses : Birthday Party, Baby Shower, DIY, Decoration

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