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120" White|Blush Large Rosette Round Lamour Satin Tablecloth

120" White|Blush Large Rosette Round Lamour Satin Tablecloth

Item Number:TAB_73_120_WH046

  • $47.99

  • Style: Wonderland Rosettes
  • Measurement: 120" Round
  • Gives floor length hang on 5 ft (60") table
  • Flower Size: Diameter of each 2 Dimensional Flower is 13"
  • Material: High Quality Lamour Satin crafted into side by side Roses
  • How to Care: Machine wash with gentle cycle. Hang Dry. Do not bleach. 

More Details

Add a touch of luxury and romance into your party with our enticing large raised rosette tablecloth, which is simply breathtaking. The very sight of this floral ecstasy will bring the divine vision of a paradise garden with its whimsical blossoms and luster into your event/celebration. This plush piece comprises of beautiful satin roses that pop-out to give an amazingly elegant 3-D effect. Premium quality lamour fabric is styled by crafting large satin side by side roses to attain a true fantasy feel and texture. The magical lustrous flowers are so enticing that will make everyone's jaws drop with fascination. This lovely rosette lamour tablecloth with embossed rose pattern is a perfect embellishment for your table settings. The feast you serve on the table surrounded by lustrous silk roses will naturally have a royal feel in it. So, decorate any lack-luster piece with this regal beauty and transform it into an exceptionally extra-ordinary imperial banquet. Leave unforgettable impression for bridal tables, sweetheart tables, and wedding cake tables by spreading these deluxe darlings atop!

Additional Information:
Material- Lamor Satin
Color- Blush/White
Size-Diameter of 2 dimensional flowers 13 inches

Care Instruction: Machine wash with gentle cycle. Hang Dry. Do not bleach. 


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