5 Uncommon Decorations to Revamp Any Décor with Vibrant Hues

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When it comes to adding a colorful accent into any décor, flowers are probably the first thing that comes to mind – colorful and versatile, they can give plenty of room for creativity. Furthermore, there’s no need to invent the wheel when it comes to blossoms – just display them as they are, and they will ooze their natural charm all around. But is this the only solution? Of course, it is not! There are at least five uncommon products, which can easily spruce up any décor with splashy colors. And all of them are sold at tableclothsfactory.com!

Ostrich Feathers

Though often overlooked, ostrich feathers from tableclothsfactory.com are one of the most effective ways to instantly bring the vibrancy of bold colors into any setup. Since our ostrich feathers are natural, they’ll definitely win you over with their natural sophistication. Because they are often used at Moulin Rouge-, Cabaret-, and Gatsby-style events, classic decorative feathers normally come in red, white, and black – probably, that’s the main reason why nobody associates them with splashy colors. Luckily, ostrich feathers from tableclothsfactory.com can go far beyond the classic applications mentioned above – available in a variety of bold hues, these pieces of natural magnificence can become a perfect part of any rainbow-inspired event. Though you can always put them into our Eiffel vases for a traditional display, there’s no need to suppress your creativity. For example, as shown in the picture, you can fill a glass bowl with our clear acrylic ice to create a base, and then, add a bunch of our fluffy feathers – notably, the ice will not just hold the feathers in place but will also reflect them in a charming manner.

fushia ostrich feathers

Jelly Water Beads

In case you have some more time at your disposal, there’s another way to add the rainbow vibrancy into your display – jelly beads. Whether you call them orbeez, water crystals, or water balls, these unusual pieces of colorful jubilance are sure to jazz up your tablescape. It should be noted that though they are sold in tiny solid balls, they can be easily transformed into sparkling jelly balls. To make this happen, you’ll need to take four easy steps:

  • Fill a container with 1.5 quarts of distilled water;
  • Pour a pack of jelly beads into the water;
  • Leave the beads in the container for 6-8 hours to allow them to fully expand;
  • Remove the expanded beads from the water to pour it into vases and bowls. Use clear vases and bowls to make the most of their visual appeal.

As shown in the picture, for the greater effect, you can use jelly beads in different shades and then, pour them all into our tube conjoined flower vases.

jelly beads in the tube vase

Feather Boas

In case you don’t have enough time for arranging our ostrich feathers into centerpieces and backdrops, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say “goodbye” to the natural charm of feathers – our feather boas are sure to help you out. Like our ostrich feathers, they deserve more than being a part of exotic apparels. Crafted from premium turkey feathers, they can be used everywhere, from chairs to backdrops. For instance, if there’s a bachelorette party around the corner, you can run a feather boa across your table and continue the feather theme by assembling a splashy feather backdrop. Is there a flamingo or swan party on the horizon? There’s no doubt that your DIY flamingos or swans crafted from our feather boas and glittery paper sheets will make everyone’s jaws drop.

Feather boa backdrop

Butterfly Stickers

Whether you are not a DIY person, or your schedule doesn’t offer you enough time for assembling feather backdrops or waiting until jelly water beads acquire the needed look, we strongly recommend you consider our butterfly wall stickers. Made from high-grade materials with utmost intricacy, our butterfly wall stickers can be mistaken for their natural counterparts. However, unlike the latter, they have a magnet and a sticker underneath so you can attach them to any surface. Available in a vast range of varieties, they are sold in packs. Each of the packs offers 12 unique varieties of butterflies. Thus, whenever you are looking to transform your setup into the realm of splashy flowers and enchanted butterflies, look no further than our butterfly stickers – feel free to use them to style napkins, chair sashes, backdrops, and even cakes.

butterfly stickers on a cake

Tassel Curtains

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to build a stunning backdrop for your Oriental-style event? There’s no need to look any further than our tassel string curtains. Crafted from high-quality silk, they are delicate both to the look and to the touch. All you need is to decide on the color (fortunately, we offer an extensive variety of splashy shades), hang a curtain using one of our freshly arrived curtain rods, add matching decorations, and that’s it! As for the additional décor, it’s highly recommended to go for our parasols, fans, and cherry blossoms, which will infuse your space with that oriental flair.

red tassel curtain

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make a colorful accent, and blossoms are not the only remedy. Besides the accessories mentioned above you can also go for our flower petals, which come in a plethora of colors and shapes, acrylic ice, and pearls, to name just a few.

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