Host a Princess Birthday Party with Ease

When it comes to kids’ birthday themes, many little girls prefer a princess party. If your little one dreams about wearing a tutu princess dress and living in an enchanted princess palace, you are in luck – princess parties are extremely affordable and easy to host, especially, at home. However, in case you have no idea of where to start from, you can easily burn a hole in your pocket by stocking up on unnecessary accessories. In order to prevent this from happening, we’ve cherry-picked a few decorations, which will enable you to transform your setup into a fabulous land of little princesses without breaking the banks.

Tutu Table/Chair Skirts

Since every table setting begins with linens, it’s highly advisable to stock up on suitable linens for your table and chairs. Because pink tulle tutu skirts are probably the first thing that crosses one’s mind when it comes to princesses, we suggest dressing your table up with our pink tulle tutu table skirt – featuring eight layers of lightweight tulle, this bounty will instantly transform your room into an elegant princess apparel. To achieve a balanced look, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Drape your table with a pink satin tablecloth;
  • Using special clips from our online store, attach the skirt to the table;
  • To make sure that chairs pair well with the table, dress up your chairs in our spandex and tulle chair skirts – whether you go for black, white, or ivory skirts, they will perfectly align with your tabletop;
  • For an additional touch of the “princess-y” perfection, you can also style your tutu linens with pink or white feather boas from our online store.
Pink tutu table skirt

Carriage Candle Holders

Are you looking for anything Bohemian-inspired? Well, make no mistake – our carriage candle holders will instantly win you over. Crafted from durable iron with matte gold finish, these beauties are sure to ooze that vintage flair all around! Fashioned in a gorgeous carriage frame, these pieces of vintage sophistication are extremely versatile. Despite having been created to house votive candles, they are more than just that – with the help of the top that opens in half, you can utilize our carriage candle holders to secure your menus, place cards, or even fragrant flower bouquets styled with rare gems.

Carriage Candle Holder

Cake Stands

Whereas you can go without our carriage candle holders and favor containers, your princess-style party will look dull without a cake. In our opinion, your artistically decorated desserts deserve to be displayed in the most prominent place. If you don’t want to overload your setup with silver or gold, it’s highly recommended to display your cakes on clear cake stands. Available with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 tiers, our acrylic cake stands can carry as many cakes as you wish. Furthermore, no matter how many tiers you go for, you may rest assured, all our acrylic cake stands can be assembled the way you find suitable. At the same time, with elegant clear plates supported by acrylic fillable tubes, these cake stands will allow your creativity to run wild – feel free to fashion them with diamonds & pearlsvines, flowers, petals, jelly beads, and beyond!

Acrylic Cake Stands

Crown Cake Topper

Transform your cake corner into an enchanted realm of desserts. To highlight their “special status”, there’s no need to fork out on a professional confectioner. Even the plainest cake will look like a royal if topped off with our crown cake topper. Made from iron with matte gold coating to complement our carriage candle holders, these cake toppers are fashioned in Fleur de Lis design. As light as a feather, they are perfect for any cake, no matter how delicate its frosting is. To make your cake even more visually appealing, we suggest you styling it with matching cake stands, silverware, and flowers.

Crown Cake Topper

As shown in the blog, there’s no need to go for super-expensive decorations to recreate that princess-inspired vibes. Using pinks, golds, and a couple of princess attributes (carriages, crowns, and tutu skirts) is all it takes to bring a tantalizing princess party theme to life. Along with the accessories mentioned above, you can also go for our acrylic beads, royal crown cake toppers, and beyond. Now, it’s your turn. Have you ever hosted a princess theme party? Which decorations have you used to set that princess-inspired tone? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below!

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