5 Ways to Go Green with TableclothsFactory this Spring!

Spring is green!

We’re ready for spring weddings, flowers, pink tablecloths, pastel tulle, and beautiful spring trends.

It’s simple to join us in our pre-spring celebration with these little tips.

1. Just Ask: Not sure if a vendor will use reusable silverware, or if the banquet hall has energy saving lightbulbs? Rather than let the worries grow – just ask – maybe you’ll change the way they do things!
2. Keep it Local – With the ceremony, reception, and hotel all within a short drive – or better yet walking distance – you reduce the gas emissions of 100’s of guests.

3. Resell, Recycle, and Upcycle. Buy wedding decorations, like artificial flowers, that are durable, not throwaway. This way you get more bang for your buck! Same goes for your wedding favors – practical favors like candles are always handy in a storm!

4. Olive, Spring, Emerald, Apple, Lime, Shamrock, Chartruse, Persian, Paris. There’s a dozens of basic shades, and hundreds of variations. Don’t think green is just one thing. Expand your color palate by trying out new shades to see if they’re just the thing to make your cupcakes pop or background compliment your tablecloths.

5. Shop TableclothsFactory.com – As a bulk tablecloths supplier company we understand that our impact on the environment matters. That’s why we recycle our paper and cardboard boxes, offer reusable linen tablecloths, and are looking into solar panel options for 2013.

    Will you join us in going green?

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