10 Craft Ideas to use in the New Year with Fabric by the Bolt Rolls

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Fabric by the bolt helps party planners to accomplish their decorating on a budget. Fabric and other party supplies can be used in creative ways to transform a space. Here are some simple, easy and affordable ideas for using fabric by the bolt:

  1. Create a backdrop. This focal point is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special event that needs a focal point. String lights, glitter decorations and flowers in the fabric for a romantic touch.
  2. Create a beautiful veil. A unique veil is sure to be treasured by a special bride. Add a comb and headpiece for a completed look. You can also sew on embellishments to jazz up the veil.
  3. Create bows for chairs. Use satin fabric to add a decorative touch to your venue. You can also surround the back of the chairs in tulle fabric for an elegant appearance.
  4. Create favors. Favors give you a chance to show appreciation for your guests. Wrap some chocolate candy or mints in tulle fabric. Make a satchel to hold small tokens, such as bubbles, rose petals or acrylic ice.
  5. Embellish wedding accessories. Wrap fabric that matches your wedding color around wedding accessories. Snip a small piece of fabric to add it to the ring bearer pillow. Use lace to create a pretty flower girl basket. Wrap the cake knife or unity candle in the fabric, too.
  6. Cover the tables. Save from having to spend more money on table cloths by trimming your bolted fabric to the size of the table.
  7. Decorate architectural details. Show off the stair banisters or archways by spreading fabric around these areas.
  8. It’s a wrap. Wrap around centerpieces for a beautiful accent.
  9. Treat Yo Ceiling. Use fabric and party supplies to make a ceiling treatment.
  10. Column Wrap. Wrap columns with the fabric.

What are your favorite ways to use craft rolls?

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