7 Budget Wedding Trends 2018

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Millennials tend to spend more on their weddings. At the same time, more folks are getting hitched later, which means that parents less often chip in. As a result, a lot of 2018’s to-be-spouses are breaking their heads over one and the same question – how to save without looking old-fashioned and compromising a wow-effect? Luckily, these 2018’s trends are all budget-friendly.

Moving indoors

2018’s weddings are moving back indoors in a whimsical way (no carpeted ballrooms and classic hotels). Instead, couples are trying to take outdoor ambiance indoors, which’s translated into natural light, huge windows, clear-top tents, and high ceilings. Why is this a “budget” trend? First, it’s a great chance to throw a big day in the coldest (and most inexpensive yet trendiest) seasons. Secondly, there’s no need in a cost-consuming “Rain Plan”. And finally, these festive string lights will acquire even more charm against a transparent ceiling!


Balloons are not a “birthday-only” perk anymore. Because more colors are sneaking into the wedding décor, these budget pieces of festivity have been hitting the spotlight for several months. Not interested? How about these jaw-dropping LED balloons?

No cake?

While modern weddings are not all about traditions, cakes often transform into wedding cupcakes. Whereas the pickiest guests have more options, there’s no hassle-bustle with cutting and with fancy cake stands, they’ll definitely wow your invitees. Genius? Yes. Inexpensive? Again, yes!

(Posted by Rachel L.)

Street food beyond streets

Though traditional tablecloth weddings are still on the menu, street food stations are becoming more popular these days, which means smaller portions, huge variety, and saved costs. Gone are the days when guests were unable to try everything on offer without upsetting their stomachs. Though it’s still possible, chances are it will not happen. Better are only DIY food stations (yes, trend).

More greenery

While the rustic craze is weakening, lush “untrimmed” greenery hasn’t lost its grounds, moving into “woodsy” and “wabi-sabi” trends. Though it looks expensive, lush, and extremely refreshing, it can considerably lower your floral costs. Moreover, it can turn into any form and adorn everything from table décor through hanging centerpieces to cascading wedding bouquets (doubt not, these are all the rage this year).

Simplistic bouquets

In 2018, more budget-minded brides opt out of rich florals. Instead, single-bloom bouquets and single-stem flowers rock this year. This means that we’ll witness more bunches of hydrangeas, long-stem roses, and snapdragons. It also means that florals are getting less expensive and simplistic. If you or your client are budget-minded lovers of intricate and detailed floral arrangements, here’s another wallet-friendly trend – faux flowers.

Metallic accents

Making accents is no longer a rocket science if metallics are involved. This year, everything from candleholders to chairs and ribbons will bedazzle guests when reflecting candle light. Not comfortable with cold metals but love the color? Believe it or not, these inexpensive chairs are all wooden.

When it comes to making a choice, the rule of thumb is that trends must resonate with those who stick to them. Either way, the only trend that’s never old-fashioned is being yourself.

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