How to Turn Your Tablescape Into the Alice-in-Wonderland Scene

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When it comes to sit-down events, the table is always a focal point – no matter whether it is a wedding or a Sunday brunch. But how to make a tablescape go perfectly well with the party theme? For those at a loss, we’ve come up with a simple yet elegant spring-inspired table setup.

Pastels & a pinch of silver

Since pastels and spring are an unbeatable combo, our color scheme is a mixture of whites, pinks, blues, greens, and a bit of reds with corals to boot. However, to pull everything together, we made blue the “first feedle” of our color scheme. Thus, our rosette tablecloth, curtains, some centerpiece elements, and a couple wall accents are blue. In addition, to harmonize the pastels, we opted for the silver beechwood chairs.

Textures, textures!

Rich textures are extremely popular this year. Our collection of lovely rosette tablecloths is a perfect way to jump on this trend without being tacky. As blue is our “core” hue, we picked a blue tablecloth, turning the whole arrangement into a flowerbed full of whimsical blue roses.


To balance rich texture of the tablecloth and to harmonize the bold hues with some neutral tones, add white disposable dinnerware and plastic utensils with the fine silver finish. Regarding the forms, go for classic round plates – a great addition to the spring theme. On top of that, simple paper napkins will add a final touch to this mini-composition.


Racking brains over a table focal point can be challenging. Luckily, spring is all about simplicity, so why not bail on any centerpiece like we did? For example, giant paper peonies and carnations of different colors will liven up the entire scene. The varying heights (make sure your guests will not sit up in order to see each other) will add some dimension and depth to your tablescape. To bring some airy feel and to accentuate the pastels, combine these glass pillars with wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Accentuate walls

Bare walls sometimes remind about a hospital, right? If you adorn them with giant paper flowers, you’ll kill two (or so) birds with one stone – you’ll add a final touch to the floral theme and create an elegant backdrop. Pair carnations with peonies, mix sizes, experiment with colors – and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the walls (think how to distract them away).

“Favor” up

If you need to add some colors and fill “gaps” in your setup, don’t go big. Incorporate party favors into the composition. Put them into our pastel satin bags and tiny boxes and they will play along this gorgeous floral orchestra (read: they will distract your guests from the wall accents).

Love the setup? Use these links to do the same one or whatever you want.


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