A Dreamy Cinderella-Themed Decor Guide for a Fairytale Wedding

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Looking to have a fairytale-inspired wedding with a majestic décor and opulence galore? We are sure that you’re going to fall in love with our list of exclusive ideas from Tableclothsfactory for a Cinderella themed wedding- complete with lavish linens, gold table décor, grandiose floral arrangements and of course a prince charming! Read on to have all your fantasies come true with our princess-themed décor guide.

Cinderella-Themed Wedding Decorations

Give your fairytale wedding a head start with a floral and romantic décor accent created by decorating our easy-to-manage wedding arch generously with flowers. You can either choose fresh flowers for the décor or opt for our gorgeous and realistic looking faux blooms and assemble them with our stunning organza backdrop curtains to accentuate your wedding arch elegantly. These delicate and sheer organza fabric curtains paired with flowers will add a glamorous and elegant flair into the ambiance.

Have you always dreamt of taking a path filled with roses to the love of your life? We will help your dream for a fairytale walk on the aisle come true with our gorgeous and delicate silk petals. Scatter these delicate beauties on the aisle all the way to the spot where you plan to tie the knot. Feel the romance in the air already? Our dreamy fairy light bulbs suspended from natural trees or from our exotic Manzanita trees will exude a soft glow that will add further oomph to the romance in the air.

Cinderella-themed decor

Table Décor

You don’t need a fairy Godmother to give a twinkle of magic to your table décor. Our exquisite collection of luxurious table linens and tableware will add a majestic touch to your tablescape while not being heavy on your pocket. A  Cinderella-themed color palette revolves around serene blues, pure whites, and exotic gold and incorporating each of these gorgeous hues into your décor will enhance the grandeur of your celebration.  Speaking about luxury and opulence, our fabulous satin and velvet linen collection will meet all your expectations to create an ambiance which defines true glory. You can either dress your tables magnificently with our pure white or light blue tablecloth with a gold satin runner atop or opt for our velvet tablecloths and runners to set the stage for a glorious tablescape.

Cinderella-themed decor

It goes without saying that a Cinderella-themed table setting demands individual place setting to be fit for royalty. In order to meet these expectations, we strongly recommend you to choose our crystal beaded metal chargers to gorgeously accentuate your tableware. Place our classy white disposable plates atop your shimmering chargers and pair them with gold cutlery and gold rimmed glasses for a cohesive look. Furthermore, use our plastic Cinderella slippers to hold sweet delights on your table and later hand them to your guests as a token of appreciation for gracing their presence on your special day.

Cinderella-themed decor


Think of your wedding cake as the perfect opportunity to bring together all elements of your big day. The Cinderella cake should be magical- perhaps a castle in design if you’re pushing the limits! If this is something that seems too overwhelming to you, we have got you covered with our castle cake topper or a Cinderella crown topper that can be placed on a simple white frosted cake to complement your theme in an enchanted way. Display your cakes and other delicacies on our luxurious chandelier cake stand to add a sparkle to your tablescape.

While this table set up may seem quite elegant already, the addition of candles will elevate its beauty to the next level. Bring a glamorous touch and whimsical glow to your table with our magnificent crown top candelabra candle holder or create an easy centerpiece décor accent by combining our royal crown cake topper, crystal beaded chargers, and votive candles. These gorgeous centerpiece accents will exude soft candlelight and add a dash of sparkle on your tablescape.  

Cinderella-themed decor

There’s yet another stunning centerpiece accent on our online store that will complement your Cinderella-themed décor instantly- our Cinderella coach candle holder. This gorgeous and glamorous piece is versatile enough to be used as a cardholder, candle holder, or simply as a floral centerpiece embellished with flowers.

Cinderella-themed decor

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Did you find this article useful? Have we inspired you enough to recreate your own Cinderella-themed décor for a fairytale wedding? Please let us know in the comments below!

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