Sensational Tips to Throw the Best Arabian Night Themed Party!

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If you’re planning to make your event really stand out, the selection of a strong theme is essential. We would suggest you to try something unique and bring a bit of Arabian glitz and glamour to your event by throwing the ultimate exotic party with an Arabian Nights theme. The best Arabian themed party provides an extravagant mix of mystery, sensuality, and tradition and in order to make your desert-themed party come to life, we’ve cherry-picked some amazing ideas to help you pull off the best bash mimicking the décor of the real-life make of ‘Aladdin’.

Choose a jeweled-tone color scheme

This unique desert-theme will shine through your party with the use of a gorgeous deep and rich color palette such as dark blues, purples, fuchsia pinks, reds, gold, or a combination of beautiful jewel-toned hues. Infusing a combination of these into all elements of your décor will result in a stunning look with a magical flair in the ambiance.   

Arabian Nights -Themed Decor


A glamorous and elegant décor is the highlight of an Arabian night themed party and we have all the exquisite essentials needed to create that dreamy decor. Let your imagination go wild and create a stunning Arabian night party entrance by assembling our purple, fuchsia, blue, and gold sequined curtains together with a balloon arch consisting of our metallic latex balloons. The end result will be an entryway bound to make your guests feel that they’re about to enter a world of magical desert fantasies.

Arabian Nights -Themed Decor

Can’t wait to find out how to decorate beyond the entrance? Our deep-colored purple and fuchsia fire retardant curtains paired with our gold sequin curtains will glam up your backdrop décor while adding that hint of luxurious gold hue to the ambiance. You can easily create this sensual backdrop by draping the curtains on our easy to set up backdrop stand. Accentuate these fabulous pieces of fabric with our giant paper blooms to add a floral flair into the party’s décor.

Since lanterns and lamps bring a romantic feel into the ambiance and are perfect accessories for an Arabian themed decor, hang our paper lanterns with string lights to create a whimsical effect for the event. Furthermore, the addition of our helium latex balloons tied to genie lamp printable cut-outs will certainly make your guests want to rub the ‘lamps’ and make a wish!

Arabian Nights -Themed Decor

Arabian Night-Themed Table Setup

To set up a tablescape which complements the grandeur of your desert-themed décor, we recommend you to dress your tables with our purpleblue or gold sequin table cloths. These shimmering tablecloths will be a perfect match with your backdrop décor and will greet your guests with their outstanding shine and elegance. For a dazzling centerpiece to add to the beauty of your table settings, look no further than our spectacular collection of crystal candle holders that promise to ooze oodles of glimmer and shimmer to your event’s décor. The impeccable sheen of sparkly crystals and seamless luster of fine gold finish make these candle holders an excellent decoration accent for your tablescape. Place our votive candles in these holders to bedazzle your guests with the stunning crystals that’ll exude soft exotic candlelight. 

Arabian Nights -Themed Decor

It goes without saying that the Arabian Night theme calls for a luxurious décor where more is merrier! So, further accentuate your table set up with our bird cage decorations embellished with pearl strings and flowers. Craving for more jewel-inspired décor to elevate the grandeur? No need to fret as we have got you covered with our gorgeous range of chandelier cake stands that will sumptuously display your cakes or cupcakes. Place your gorgeous Arabian-nights themed decorated cake on your magnificent cake stand and accentuate it with our crystal royal cake topper for a truly breathtaking cake centerpiece.  The unrivaled grandeur and luxuriousness of crystals and chandeliers promise to evoke elegance and style on your table décor.                                                          

As for individual place settings on your tables, we strongly recommend our disposable gold diamond rim plates paired with gold cutlery and glittered glasses placed atop satin linens and gold sequin table runners. An alternate yet unique table set up can be created with our velvet runners placed atop velvet tablecloths to enhance the majestic look and grandeur of your desert-themed décor. This perfect combination of a table setting will undoubtedly reflect luxurious class and style which happens to be the highlight of our theme too!

Arabian Nights -Themed Decor

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As you can see, the Arabian Night theme is a truly rich and decadent theme for a celebration. Do you think our ideas are grand enough to make your desert-themed décor an extravagant one? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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