A Few Ways to Decorate on a Small Budget

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If you are an established party planner, chances are you have faced situations where your client wanted to fit a well-designed table setting into a tight budget. We know you have a lot of such instances to relate to! To help you cater to your clients’ needs, we’ve got you covered with a few fire-sure ways to save on party decor without compromising on the end result.  


Artificial Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of any party decor. Instead of buying those expensive fresh-cut blooms that can wilt anytime, why not go for artificial blossoms? Despite being criticized, the global artificial flower market has greatly expanded over the years and offers a vast range of faux blooms that are almost impossible to tell from their living equivalents, neither to the look nor to the touch. Whether you are still in doubt or ready to make a choice, you are welcome to our collection of artificial flowers, where you can find our astonishingly lifelike silk, foam, and paper hydrangeas, roses, peonies, lilies, tulips, dahlias, daisies, etc. And for your surprise,  this life-like bouquet of lush yellow peonies in our hourglass vase is also made of silk!   


Double-Duty Centerpieces

Whether you are looking to save some cash or just don’t feel like discarding the centerpiece you worked so hard on to the junkyard, it’s highly recommended to opt for an accent piece, which doubles as a party favor. The sky’s the limit here - you can assemble a “cake”, using our cake slice favor boxes and cupcake stand; display our champagne bubble favors in a creative manner; decorate your party favor boxes with lush blooms, like hydrangeas, and utilise them inplace of a flower arrangement; or whatever cool creative ideas you come up with.

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Disposable Tableware

Like flowers, disposable dishes have stepped up their game over the recent years. Today, they are more than just plastic plates, which were once preferred only for picnics and low-budget gatherings. Crafted from food-safe materials, they can hold both hot and cold dishes efficiently and what’s more, they are indistinguishable from their porcelain, ceramic, china, or glass equivalents. At tableclothsfactory, we strive to keep up with the global dinnerware market - in our collection of disposables, you’ll discover round and square plates, bowls, barware, utensils, and even eco-friendly natural tableware for eco-enthusiasts! Whichever dinnerware wins your heart, there’s no doubt that it can become a star of your guests’ Instagram profiles (you can discover how to make your dishes camera-friendly here).



If you are a creative person, let your craftship save you from large expenses. In our collection of DIY supplies, you can find everything you need for your masterpieces. For example, our customizable foam ball covered with rose, hydrangea, daisies, or sunflowers can make a perfect kissing ball; our loose glitter can revamp anything covered with glue; our removable balloon glue dots will allow you to create stunning backdrops that won’t cost you a lot. At the same time, you can also repurpose leftover decorations from previous events. Thus, a pile of leftover ribbons can be transformed into a lovely garland while used bottles of wine can become stylish vases or candle holders.  


Multi-Use Decorations

With tableclothsfactory, you can use the same accessory in a number of different ways. Let’s take our bubble-shaped candle holder for example. Yes, it can be always put to its intended use as a candle holder. But if you flip it over, you can use it as a vase for a single stem flower. Meanwhile, our apothecary jars can serve as both candle containers and terrariums for flower heads, succulents, miniature houses, or whatever your party theme calls for. At the same time, in our collection of dual-use chandeliers and stands, you’ll find tons of decorations that double as tabletop centerpieces and ceiling accessories, including our diamond pendant chandelier, goblet candle holder, and acrylic diamond chandelier, to name just a few.  


What do you think about these ways to save on decor? Please let us know in the comments below!

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