Choosing a Perfect Plate for Your Food Photos

In this digital age, some people don’t start eating before taking a photo of their meal and posting it on social media. If you are orchestrating an upscale event and want the dishes you worked so hard on to pop in your guests’ profiles or even make the front cover, choosing the right dinner plates will help you out. These simple guidelines will ensure a polished look and tons of likes.

Consider Shape

Shape is the first thing that catches the eye. When considering the shape, decide, whether you want to put emphasis on food or on dinnerware. If food is the case, look no further than our collection of round plates. Because round plates naturally frame the food without drawing your attention away from it, it’s the most universal and common shape. Alternatively, if you are looking to pepper a pinch of modern chic into your setup, using plain square plates is a safe bet too. Though this style traditionally lends itself to Asian foods, those clean lines will work equally well with any cuisine

Don’t Disregard Size

Another important tip regarding plating is size. When it goes about what looks good to the camera, smaller plates are highly recommended. The reason behind this is that a smaller plate allows you to put less food on it without leaving too much space – as a result, your portion will look abundant. To this end, food photographers almost never use dinner plates and go for salad ones instead. But if you are simply  a party maker who concerns more about the looks of the tabletop and thus plans to stick to smaller portions, we strongly recommend you try out our 8-inch disposable round dinner plates instead of those of 10 inches in diameter.

What is Your Angle?

It goes without saying that if you are shooting a muffin, you need to be at a low angle or otherwise, you’ll end up with something like a bun. At the same time, if you are dealing with gazpacho, you’ll need to be at high angle to show what’s inside.

You should choose plates in accordance with the angle, because a plate with a higher rim will hide a part of your muffin. This means that you should use flat plates with lower edges for lower angles – fortunately, our collection of dinnerware offers an extensive variety of such plates, including our 6'' round disposable tres chic plate and 8'' white disposable round plates with a checkered rim.

Avoid Bolder Hues

If you are looking to enhance your hard work with a right dish, avoid colorful plates and consider plain dishes, like our 7'' white square dishes or 8'' round flared salad plates. Of course, if the color makes your food pop, go for it, however, in most cases, brighter hues can overshadow what’s on a plate. In case you hate the idea of putting your food on white dishes, you can step up your game  by using our white designer plates with fancy rims, featuring floral twine design, stripes, lace pattern, classic Greek design, dots, and beyond. Clear plates are also an ideal choice for a neutral-colored tabletop.

As you can see, minimal decorations, neutral color palette, and simple shapes will put your meal at the forefront. However, in our opinion, with such a wide variety of fancy dinnerware offered at our online store, it’s so hard to ignore that urge to make plates, not foods, the first fiddle in a tabletop orchestra. But what about you? What would you pull focus to, food or designer dinnerware? Please share your vision with us in the comments below!

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