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Falling in love is truly a magical feeling but capturing the essence of love is all about adding a dash of romance in your relationship every now and then to rekindle the lost spark and passion. Whether you’ve been looking to do something special for your anniversary or you are just looking to spice things up a bit, we think a romantic dinner date is just what you need to keep the romance alive! Don’t you agree? Although you can reserve a table for two in a fancy restaurant but chances are that you’ll be surrounded by a lot of peering eyes with no privacy to cherish your bond and relive the memories. To be honest, our idea of spending some quality time together is an intimate and romantic dinner at home with your beloved by your side which makes it even more special and memorable! To turn the romance up by several notches, we have put together a glamorous romantic dinner table featuring a luxurious color palette and striking accents that oozes a whimsical aura and will make your date fall head over heels in love with you all over again. Check out the video and scroll down to find out more about how to set up a romantic dinner table for two in detail!

Table Linens

Because we were going for a cozy and intimate set up, choosing a small table that was just enough for the two place settings and some exquisite decorative accents made perfect sense. Since we wanted to usher in an elegant and luxurious vibe, we placed our bets on a jewel-toned color palette for our romantic dinner table setup instead of going for the usual red and pink hues, and boy did it pay off! The lustrous silky gold satin square tablecloth gave a sumptuous and smooth drape to the table because what’s more luxe than gold! While the plush navy blue velvet runner added a riveting contrast with soft textural feel and sheen finish accentuating the sensual allure of our romantic dinner tablescape. Because our velvet table runners come in a variety of rich hues, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. However, we recommend that you follow our lead as gold and navy blue hues are made for each other just like you and your partner!

romantic dinner table

Place Settings

As soon as our gorgeous linens were in place, we decided to channel all our focus on our romantic dinner table setting for two. With the store brimming with a wide selection of fancy dinnerware, choosing a perfect pairing could have been a small hiccup if we weren’t already smitten by our round navy blue charger plates featuring soft strokes of gold round the beautifully waved scallop rimmed design. To tone it down a bit, we perched our lovely white dinner plates with blue rims and romantic gold vine design along with white-handled gold cutlery atop the dusky charger plate for a flawless look. To further elevate the striking appeal of our table settings, we also positioned a single cream-colored silk rose stem across the dinner plate adding a lovely romantic touch and coordinated the dinnerware with clear gold-rimmed flutes for bubbly champagne and matching gold-rimmed glass cups for water that added a splash of elegance and sophistication to our romantic table setting not to mention the enticing cohesive flair.

romantic dinner table


Once the basics were done, we were all set to add glamour to our tablescape with a gorgeous flower centerpiece. In order to make sure that the floral arrangement looked the part and the fragrance of the flowers doesn’t interfere with the aroma of the food, we just couldn’t look past our glorious selection of lifelike artificial flowers to bedeck our posh romantic dinner table. As we wanted to carry on with the jewel-toned theme, we decided to add another vivid shade to the mix and bunched together some burgundy-colored silk peonies with pops of white baby breaths in a sleek and stylish gold-dipped bud vase that added a glorious dimension to the table without blocking out the view. You can place this majestic floral arrangement centerpiece on your table as it is or you can follow our example and perch it on a round mirror that further boosted its beauty.

romantic dinner table

Additional Table Decorations

Next on the agenda was to introduce drama and set the romantic mood, which we handled with lots of fluttering candles and more floral touches; after all, no romantic dinner decoration can be complete without these two accents gracing the table! But this time around, we opted for a lush ivory rose garland with faux leaves to embellish the edge of the table which imparted pure grace and panache.

romantic dinner table

As it is no secret that flickering candlelight and romance go hand in hand, so we decided to nestle our white taper candles in our ornate crystal glass candle holders of varying heights that added drama to the tablescape. The arrangement of tall unscented and dripless candles around the centerpiece oozed a mesmerizing and whimsical glow without creating a mess which is usually a buzz kill. You can also use scented candles to tease the senses but make sure that you opt for woodsy or other non-flowery scents that won’t compete with the food aroma.

romantic dinner table

Chair Decoration

Since we wanted to go big with our romantic decorations, we ended up bedecking our chairs as well. We brought in a couple of gold-colored chairs and adorned their backs with our white lace and tulle tutu chair covers which highlighted the frilly notes that are the hallmark of romantic decor. We also strapped plush navy blue velvet seat cushions to the chairs making them more comfortable which also helped reinforce the imperial color scheme.

romantic dinner table


In terms of a complete romantic dinner table setup, our tablescape needed a plain but luxurious backdrop to tie everything together. As seen in the video, we decided to drape our fancy navy blue velvet curtains on a heavy duty backdrop stand that perfectly complemented our extravagant romantic dinner table decorations augmenting the overall majestic grandeur and opulence.

romantic dinner table

Well, that’s all it takes to set up a unique and posh romantic dinner table that is fit for the love-struck king and queen. The fun part of setting it up yourself is that you can do it together to spend more quality time with your date! What do you think about this gorgeous setup? Do you have more decor ideas to ignite the romance on a dinner date night? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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