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Baby is a blessed gift from heavens, and to rejoice the pleasure of parentage and for sharing the parental glee with all those who are equally important to your little one, a baby shower is a must have celebration. Baby shower is actually a beautiful trend where friends and family ‘shower’ their immense love and care towards the moms-to-be. Restrictions on celebrating this happiness in this era of social distancing and quarantine has lowered down the spirits of many of the expecting parents. And to help uplift the parental joy of all moms and dads to be, we have narrowed down some amazing ideas to plan a much safer baby shower that will let you celebrate your happy moments in the most charming way, while ensuring the health of everyone around too.

A virtual baby shower where you can take blessings of all your loved ones within the confines of your humble abode is the perfect way to make this blissful day more fun, unique and above all memorable one. To help you welcome the little one in the most adorable way we have got you covered with our cute and cuddly baby shower items that will surely highlight the jollification of your baby shower party. Scroll down and find some peppy and safe baby shower ideas to welcome the new angel in a much secure, yet classic way while ensuring all the safety measures.

Take Everyone’s Blessings!

In the world of social distancing, lockdown and quarantine many of the life major celebrations have taken a twist. Big gatherings with grand arrangements for the glowing mommies to welcome the little one has become talk of the past, but keeping mom and the baby away from these momentous moments is really not fair. Every parent wishes to share these precious moments with friends and family, who have played an important part in their life and a baby shower is surely an ideal way of doing so. Create an ambiance brimming with love and affection and throw a much safer baby shower party for the expecting parents which they will keep in their memories for the rest of their life. Turn your indoor oasis into an emblem of delightfulness and adorability with cute baby shower decorations. To take blessings of all the loved ones a classic virtual baby shower ambiance is what you need, so bring all the family and friends around the globe under one roof via online video meetings and satisfy the urge of togetherness which many of us are longing for these days.

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An Adorable Hallway!

A warm welcoming hallway decor will definitely be a delightful sight for your lovely guests, so set a cheery ambiance with lovely baby shower decorations. Charmingly swathe our white lace knit pattern tulle fabric bolt over the wooden Chester and magnificently showcase our assorted paper pinwheels in blue-painted glass favor milk bottles and exude the cute cuddly vibes all around. If creativity runs in your blood then craft some pretty DIY cookie boxes and masterfully place them, adorn it further by placing a cute cupcake centerpiece atop to perfectly exhibit your event’s theme. A small cuddly backdrop decor using our paper garlands or feeding bottle acrylic crystal garlands will surely give the most adorable finishing touches to your baby shower party hallway decor and will elevate its cuteness up by several notches.

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Hosting a baby shower party at home comes with lots of ease and convenience, as you can freely pick any room to exhibit your merry moments. Spread that cheerful baby shower vibes into your residence by simply spelling out BABY using our gold foil letter balloons and cast a bubbly spell all over the space. Enhance its cuteness further by beautifully hanging our paper fans & tassel tissue garlands and ooze oodles of adorability and charm all around the ambiance. Treat your guests with delectable baby shower treats served in our serving trays & bowls and party cups. Furthermore, exude a magical floral charm by adorning the ambiance with some lovely flower arrangements using our faux floral and add ethereal earthy elegance and refreshing natural vibes into your baby shower party ambiance.

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An Endearing Ambiance!

Due to this virus outbreak everyone is in stress and for the soon-to-be-parents these joyful moments won’t come again. So, set up a lovely and mesmerizing ambiance with heart-touching baby shower decorations to win everyone’s heart. Pink and blue, the certified colors for baby shower will make your task for setting up a baby shower theme decor much easier. Lovely decor to welcome the little angel in the family is what makes these blessed moments more close to heart. Spread the jovial colors and shower flair by enchantingly dressing up your plain walls with our newly arrived pink & blue ruffled paper strand and set up a beautiful frilly fringe backdrop for your baby shower party. Accentuate it further with exuberant gold chevron triangular pennant flag and let these colorful buntings transform your home into a spectacle of celebratory affair.

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Moreover, create a gorgeous display of color and flavor on the tabletop by serving your baby shower treats in our tiered cake stand & chandelier cake stand. Give a sparkling glow to your tabletop with cute decorative accents like charger platesEiffel tower centerpieces, geometric candle holder, and baby booties and exude perfect shower vibes all around. A bunch of calla lily flowers and everything else that you like to add into your baby shower dessert station will ingeniously highlight the overall look of your baby shower party. These cute and cuddly baby shower decorations will transform your party ambiance into heavenly bundles of joy.

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Lovely Keepsakes For Baby Shower!

Baby shower is one of those traditional celebrations where family and friends shower their love and blessing to their baby-having pals. Getting cute little baby items as gifts for the new arrival in the family, wrapped with lovely adornments will definitely give the expecting parents the most loved feeling ever. Smile, gratify and celebrate these blissful moments by enveloping the baby shower gifts in the most attractive way by opting for our ribbons & baby stickers and tie or stick them beautifully around our favor boxes and bring a fun and joyous twist into this baby shower eve. Augment the visual appeal of your baby shower decorations with these lovely tokens of love and exhibit your love for the little one in the most adorable way.

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Baby shower is a total family affair and for all those lovely people who have planned this beautiful celebration to welcome your little happiness, a sincere thank you gesture in the form of party favor is required. They showered you with immense care and affection, so show gratitude towards them and present small tokens of thankfulness through baby shower favors filled with sweet treats and other surprise gifts. Our adorable looking baby blocks, feeding bottle favors or baby carriages will be a delightful sight and a relishing keepsake for them to enjoy for the beautiful years to come. The very sight of these adorable favors will elevate the significance of your idyllic celebrations and will exhibit your glee of treasuring the ecstasy of parenthood with your loved ones in the most endearing way.

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A Whimsical Gender Related Tablescape!

Baby shower is a charismatic affair and the ambiance calls for nothing less than perfection and elegance so, lay the foundation by setting up a gorgeous tablescape. Knowing the gender of the baby makes your task of planning a baby shower theme party a breeze. Set up an ultra-feminine baby shower ambiance to welcome the little princess in the family and make your baby girl shower the most adorable and girlish one. Decorate with pink and white balloons and some hanging lanterns to give a greater sense of opulence and sweetness to your baby girl shower party. Give a regal look to your baby girl shower decorations with lots of pink and gold. Gracefully cover your tables with fushia spandex tablecloth and intensify its beauty by further draping our rose quartz curly willow table skirt around and satisfy your frilly obsession. Grab all the attention by placing our white square wooden boxes atop each other spelling out BABY GIRL using our pink foam sheets and let this cute centerpiece speaks volume about your baby girl shower theme party. Furthermore, display our exquisite looking fushia velvet roses along with some sweet handwritten notes for the mom-to-be. Our champagne flutes and shower related party straws will add a delightful touch to your tablescape.

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Welcome the little lad with precious lullaby-themed shower and embrace everything in blue. Twinkling lights and soft hues like white and gold matched with blue will turn your baby boy shower into an emblem of love and adorability. An enticing and attention-grabbing tablescape will definitely be the highlight of your baby boy shower, so sprinkle some glimmer and shimmer on your tabletop by opting for our glitter foam sheets and spread the frilly charm by further swathing white curly willow table shirt around. Our crown centerpiece cake topper majestically placed atop the tabletop nestled with sweet delicacies will elevate the lovability of your baby boy shower party to the next level. Add a dash of cuteness and delightfulness by further placing our baby blocks filled with goodies and spread an enchanting allure all around the space. Give an extra boost of glitz and glamour into your baby boy shower decorations by beautifying the stage with our gold sequin backdrop and adorn it further with blue and gold balloon garland. This heavenly looking setup will impart a truly sensational appeal into your baby boy shower party.

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Shower your countless love and care towards the expecting parents in these difficult times and celebrate their happiness by throwing the perfect baby shower party. Head over to our online store that is brimming with the most adorable baby shower items and make this day the most memorable one for soon-to-be-parents. We hope that our baby shower ideas will help you plan the perfect baby shower while staying safe within the confines of your home. We would love to see your feedbacks in our comment section below!

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