An Enchanting Easter Table Setup To Swing Into Spring!

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There is so much to love about the blissful spring season— the sweet warmth of the spring sunshine, the refreshing greenery sprouting from the earth, the colorful, vibrant blooms filling the world with color,  the gentle breeze that carries springtime love and joy, and so much more! But what makes spring the most exciting season of the year, is the festive holiday that coincides with the arrival of the season! Easter is such a joyous holiday that brings the perfect opportunity to welcome spring in style and chase away the winter blues, plus there are so many exciting ways to celebrate this festive holiday! There is the Easter mass, the egg-citing Easter egg decorating session with your loved ones, and of course the Easter egg hunts. But we think one of the best parts of Easter Sunday is the lavish Easter feast complete with a beautiful Easter table setup that gets everyone in the spirit! Don’t you agree? Thus, we have assembled a charming Easter tablescape, so you don’t have to worry about how to decorate a table for your Easter dinner (or brunch) party at the last minute! Just keep on scrolling and check out the setup video and photos to find out what we used to create a whimsical-looking Easter table that’ll surely impress everyone!


Since linens help set the base for the tablescape, we decided to get the ball rolling by picking linens for our table and chairs. Because we were aiming for a bright and full of color Easter table decor that’ll imbue a cheerful vibe and inspire joy and smiles all around, we thought neutral and soft colored table linens will help highlight the vibrant Easter table toppers and decorations even more. Thus, we have dressed our table in a fitted white polyester tablecloth layering a chic lavender hued taffeta pintuck table runner down the middle for a lovely contrast. While the crisp white tablecloth perfectly embraced our rectangular table with no loose fabric hanging around adding a touch of sophistication and grace to the holiday table, the pintuck taffeta runner injected texture and flair into our table decor.

Easter table decor

Once the table linens were in place, the chairs were next in line. In order to make our Easter table setup as festive as it can be, we ended up swapping our regular dining chairs with gold-colored chairs to bring that extra bit of pizzazz into our setup. Moreover, we have also adorned the chair backs with various pastel-colored chair sashes because what’s an Easter table decor without the lovely pastel colors stealing the limelight, right! The apple green, yellow, light blue, and pink satin chair sash bows looked absolutely adorable not to mention the gorgeous lustrous appeal of satin fabric that accentuated our holiday table setup tenfold!

Easter table decor

Tabletop Decor

As soon as the basics were done, we moved on to the most fun part of decorating an Easter table— the centerpieces and tabletop decorations. Since we wanted to creatively evoke the first signs of spring on our tablescape, we decided to position our majestic white Manzanita tree centerpiece right in the center of the table and embellished it with a few cute butterflies. This charming Easter table tree centerpiece perfectly emulated the captivating scenes of the winter snow melting off the bare trees and the butterflies hovering around the new buds blooming on the branches.

Easter table decor

In order to further elevate our Easter table tree centerpiece up a notch, we also twisted an alluring sunflower garland around the base of the tree adding a vibrant pop of color. Moreover, we bedazzled a dozen plastic eggs with different colored fine glitter and arranged them along with the garland for that sp-egg-tacular charm.

Easter table decor

Because only one centerpiece wouldn’t have done justice to any festive Easter table setup, we ended up creating a couple more floral centerpieces to augment the visual appeal of our tablescape. The white wooden box planters which were filled with yellow, blue, and pink paper streamers and topped with decorated Easter eggs, cream-colored silk bloom heads and colorful butterflies brought a cheerful holiday allure to the table.

Easter table decor

However, we didn’t just stop there! In order to usher in that perky spring flair to the tablescape, we decided to surround the distressed wooden planters with lush green leafy garlands adding some pretty baby blue, blush, and yellow silk daisy flower heads to the mix along with a few Easter eggs that imparted a flamboyant appeal.

Easter table decor

Table Settings

When it came to picking tableware for the Easter table setting, we decided to blend in some shimmering metallic tones into our holiday color palette to make it extra festive. Thus, we have arranged our rose gold and white splattered design round plates on top of gold wooden textured square chargers and paired them with gold cutlery and gold glittered glasses for glorious place settings. The square shaped chargers complemented perfectly with the pintuck taffeta runner and the wooden textured design matched with the wooden planter centerpieces, whereas, the modish splattered designed plates added a striking allure to our Easter table decor. However, to pep things up a bit, we decided to turn the ivory linen napkins into adorable bunnies by simply wrapping a rolled up napkin around a decorated egg and tying it off with a piece of twine to create bunny ears. The eggs can also work as a holiday-appropriate alternative for place cards. Just etch the guests’ initials on the eggs and place them on the plates accordingly for an elegant and customized Easter table setting!

Easter table decor

As you can see, this gorgeous Easter table decor is super easy to assemble and will add a healthy dose of spring fever into the holiday. Do you love this vibrant yet sophisticated tablescape as much as we do? How are you going to decorate your Easter table this year? Please share your thoughts and decor ideas in the comments section below!

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