Get Crafty With These Chic Easter Decor Arts & Craft Ideas!

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Hallelujah, Easter is here! The joyful time when finding Easter goodies, filling baskets with Easter eggs, and hopping down the bunny trail for Easter egg hunt are few of the egg-citing things which keeps everyone giggling all through the Easter time. Rejoice this festive holiday by spending quality time with friends and family, listen to unique Easter theme music, have lovely meals and watch the Easter eggs magically getting transformed into hoppy bunnies. Like any other holiday Easter also calls for some egg-stra special Easter decor and what’s more fun and exciting than to get your hands on some interesting arts & crafts to make this Holy time more cherish able. So, go ahead and get crafty, as we have pulled together some simple yet classic Easter arts & crafts ideas that will surely eggs-pose your creativity and will make your Easter the most memorable one. Happy Easter!

Easter-ific Wall Craft Idea!

Get mesmerized by the blossoming flowers, vibrant greenery, and bold colors of the season that have painted the whole world into a beautiful scenery. Spring has sprung and is delightfully accompanied by the Holy Easter making all of us go out and fill our baskets with seasonal blooms and Easter eggs. Give your indoor or outdoor walls a splash of brightness and exuberance by infusing all the cheerful spring colors, fresh blooms, Easter-themed accents and feel the eggs-tavagance of Easter time. Opt for our pots and beautifully paint them in bright and bold colors to instantly bring that springtime splendor. Flaunt some fresh spring blooms in these colorful pots or if you want to keep them for long, choose our lifelike yellow orchids, red mini calla lilies, fuchsia baby breath, burgundy mum pompoms and greenery garlands that will exude some refreshing vibes all around your space. Placing some colorful Easter eggs in these pots can also be a cool idea as it will add more vibrancy into your spring Easter decor.

 Easter decor

Egg-ccentric Egg Wreath Craft!

No Easter celebration is quite complete until there’s a big festive wreath hanging on your door. Wreaths are the ultimate Easter decor canvas, and a new season calls for the addition of a new wreath. Give your wee little crafter a fun-tastic Easter feel by involving them in an egg-ccentric Easter Egg wreath craft project and enjoy the thrill of the hunt in the most egg-citing way. To create this egg-cellent Easter Egg wreath, arrange plenty of plastic Easter eggs and color them in white and pink. Next, opt for our moss wreath and beautifully adorn it with Easter eggs without cracking them up. A happy Easter bunny peeping from this festive Easter wreath will definitely be a delightful sight, so make the bunny hop in and tie it with a cute organza ribbon to give your front door Easter decor a perfect festive look.

 Easter decor

Egg-citing Outdoor Easter Crafts!

Easter is undoubtedly one of favorite holidays for the kids, as they tend to get themselves involved in plenty of fun-filled Easter related activities. From coloring eggs to arranging an Easter egg hunt, running an Egg race or playing Bunny Rabbit, there are so much that will keep these restless souls engaged. Take full advantage of the bright sunny spring days by setting up a thrilling Easter inspired play area in the outdoors for kids and let them feel the freshness and warmth in the air. Easter Egg hunt is one of the traditional Easter game that cannot be missed out, so let the little partyers create their own Easter Egg hunt game by crafting all the props by themselves. Provide them with our Styrofoam flats and chalk markers and let them design their own ‘EGG HUNT’ signage to give their egg hunt game a colorful starting point. A big Easter egg made from our craft sheet will also be a nice idea to make this outdoor Easter decor more captivating and opulent.

 Easter decor

Eggs-tra Cute Easter Crafts For Fireplace!

While decorating for any festive holiday, fireplace is considered as a focal point, so give this area a lovely Easter decor and turn it into a mini artificial garden brimming out with lovely bright seasonal accents and symbolic Easter figurines. If creativity runs in your blood, then bring it on and craft an amazing Easter egg decoration by adorning some reindeer moss and plenty of Easter eggs on a long stem candle holder imitating an Easter tree. Next, place a bird nest filled with gold feathers and some Easter eggs made from Styrofoam balls, beautifully complement it with a sunflower garland and a wooden planter filled with peach petals, rose flowers and feathers to exude a colorful Easter charm. Ooze some gleaming effects by filling fairy lights in a jar and create a lovely Easter tree decoration by displaying gypsophila flowers stems in a glass vase. Moreover, accentuate it with some lovely Easter ornaments like Easter eggs, a coco house and hand-crafted birds and give your indoor Easter decorations a cheerful warm allure.


Eggs-travagant Egg Tree Craft!

Easter is the most enchanting time of year where the whole family gets involved in making fun and festive Easter crafts to give their homes a lovely Easter decor. Easter tree decoration is one of the most captivating and alluring part of the Easter decor that shouldn’t be missed out. Craft a lovely Easter tree decoration by elegantly adorning our natural Manzanita tree with leaf garland and further hang some lovely Easter tree decorations like Easter eggs, Easter ornaments and your favorite Easter tree decorations using our craft rope and spread the cheerful Easter charm all around your space. Finish off, by arranging this amazing Easter tree decoration in our flared or tapered neck glass vase and place it by your windowsill or spring table to ooze festive elegance and panache.


 Easter decor

Egg-cellent Easter Bird Nest Crafts!

Easter is the celebration of new life, so bring all those festive elements into your Easter decor that signifies rebirth. Just the way eggs are symbolic for Easter, birds’ nests too are a main decorative feature of this festive holiday as these tiny tokens of new life gets nestled in these adorable nests. Unleash your artistic side and think out of the box to make some egg-cellent Easter eggs decoration and spread the Easter charm all around your space. Craft an alluring Easter bird nest centerpiece by getting any of your wooden box or pick our twig nest planter boxes to bring that bird nest feel. Next, fill it up with natural moss grass and carefully place all the colorful Easter eggs inside, moreover, elevate its visual appeal by arranging our LED fairy green leaf garland to give your Easter eggs decoration a festive sparkling allure.

 Easter decor

Easter is the perfect time to explore your creativity, so indulge yourself into the most swoon-worthy Easter decor by crafting some simple yet highly enchanting bird nests centerpieces and breathe life into an entirely festive atmosphere. To make your Easter bird nest decor more authentic and real to life we offer our bird nest rattan planters that will instantly bring that natural feel into your Easter decor. Next, adorn these twig nest planters with festive Easter eggs and exhibit your love for Easter in the most adorable way. Moreover, accent these cute bird nests with our black real goose feathers & baby breath flower stems and tie few small feathers on the eggs using craft rope to give your Easter eggs decoration a truly sp‘egg’tacular look.

 Easter decor

If you are looking for some more alluring Easter bird nest centerpiece ideas, then delight yourself as we have got another peppy Easter egg decoration that will help you celebrate new life with a nostalgic nod to an earlier era. To begin with, pick our geometric flower vase as your bird nest and beautifully adorn it with natural grass filler to bring more life into your Easter decor. Next, grab all those festive Easter eggs that you have collected for Easter and nestle them inside this DIY Easter egg decoration. To give your hippity hoppity Easter egg decoration a classier look adorn it further with turquoise ostrich feathers and a cute little hand crafted bunny greeting everyone with a ‘Good Hare Day’!

 Easter decor

This year fill your Easter with hope and contentment and usher in some positive vibes by decorating your space with joyful Easter decor. We hope that our arts & crafts ideas were helpful enough to get your crafty soul out. So, which of these ideas inspired you the most? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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