Are Tablecloths Out Of Style?

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Interior design is the art of blending different accents to achieve a certain aesthetic. While our taste keeps changing with the many new additions to fashion each year, it’s better to create a timeless look using accents that never go out of style. If you’re hosting a party or simply decorating an event, you’d know what it takes to match your tablescape with the decor. While there is no denying the fact that even a simple white tablecloth, layered with rich textures and decorative elements, makes a show stopper to enthrall your elite guests, some of you might still wonder, are tablecloths old fashioned? We can assure you that you’d have no second thoughts once you’ve finished draping the dining table with an elegant tablecloth to see how it sets the tone for an elite dining experience. Read along and get amazed with the timelessness of tablecloths as we share some tips for incorporating them into your event décor to create a stylish, ultra-modern look.



Redefine The Purpose Of Tablecloths

Tablecloths have gone a long way to redefine the purpose of incorporating them into tablescapes. Since they are no longer only used for covering up a table to hide the flaws and imperfections, they make a wonderful foundation for the table decorations while also protecting the table from spills, wear, and tear. A pristine tablecloth adds a break to the monochromatic look of the place while also imparting a synchronized feel when paired with matching overlays, napkins, chair covers, and backdrops. You can either keep it simple and elegant by draping the tables with polyester tablecloths, shiny satin tablecloths, or spandex tablecloths layered with satin runners or add oodles of sparkle with sequin runners to create a grand look. Even our fancy tablecloths including grandiose rosette tablecloths and shimmery sequin tablecloths can accentuate your dining experience with their divine appeal.

Incorporate Wonderful Colors, Patterns, & Textures

Mixing different colors and patterns can up your tablescape game. Be it stripes, damasks, plaids, or florals, patterned tablecloths impart a timeless feel to any space with their classic, traditional look. Use any of these classic patterns for your dining table and further accessorize with artful accents to add flawless finesse and flair to your table décor. You can even add layers of interest to your table if the fancy and frilly table linens don’t appeal to you much. Feel free to explore all the beautiful tablecloths and décor accents we have at Tableclothsfactory to make an impressive statement. Opt for textured jute burlap tablecloths, lace tablecloths, crinkle taffeta tablecloths, & pintuck tablecloths to bring a vintage touch to your tablescape while also imbuing oodles of elegance into your event décor. You may also add an extra dash of glam to your tables with gold foil geometric pattern tablecloths and damask flocking tablecloths to effortlessly create a grand look.

Drape Layers Of Linen

You don’t necessarily need to add a plethora of accents to transform your dining table into an ethereal tablescape. If you’re under a time crunch and want to take the easy way out, drape layers of linen onto your table and bring focus to every small detail of your décor. Opt for our rectangular tablecloths or round tablecloths and pair them with table runners or overlays to add lovely dimensions to your display or embellish the tabletop with exquisite table centerpieces, candle holders, vases, flowers, and garlands to effortlessly create a fanciful decorative look. Even a table skirt instantly adds a decorative touch to the table. So, you can opt for polyester table skirts, ruffled tulle table skirts, satin table skirts, lace table skirts, or even jute burlap table skirts to achieve the desired aesthetic. You have endless ways of adding depth and dimension to your table transforming it into a picture-perfect tablescape. So, there’s no point limiting yourself to using linens the same old way time after time.


Of all the reasons that put tablecloths on top of our event décor list, timelessness is what we adore them most for. Tell us how you’d like to drape your dining table with your favorite décor accents in the comments section below! 

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