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Nothing can surpass the beauty of colorful blooms, these tokens of Mother Nature create a refreshing atmosphere and spread joy in life. These cheerful flowers and greenery let you create some amazing flower arrangements, but the only drawback of these fresh flowers is that they wilt and wither after a while and hence lose their beauty and freshness. If you have a fondness for blooms and want to keep them fresh-looking all the time, then artificial flowers are what you need to get hold of. Artificial flowers look real and feel exactly like the real ones and stay blooming for a lifetime. With a plethora of colors, styles, and sizes, some amazing artificial floral arrangements can be made. Adding these fake flowers strategically to form lovely DIY flower bouquets is a little tricky affair, so if you want to learn, ‘‘how do I make a fake flower bouquet’’ at home like a pro, continue reading. We have rounded up some useful tips through which you can make vivacious and captivating fake flower bouquets at home with our undying and eternally blossoming artificial flowers collection.

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Selection Of Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great alternative when it comes to making floral decorations, they impart timeless beauty and everlasting elegance to your home décor and let you create some natural-looking fake flower bouquets. Explore some lovely artificial floral arrangement ideas and add a vital spark to your space by creating a beautiful fake flower bouquet.

Arrange an enticing artificial rose arrangement by adding little bunches of artificial baby's breath flowers and make a lovely contrast in texture and color. Make an assorted bouquet or spray of a carnation bush by combining it with a long stem rose bush. To add more elegance to this fake flower bouquet pick pretty shades and add some artificial lily flowers and floral fillers to the cluster.

For those who like vivid & rich colored artificial flowers, choosing burgundy poly calla lily flowers or red rose & hydrangea artificial silk flowers bouquet will be a great choice. For the ones who adore soft and subtle shades of flower petals, picking white baby breath artificial flowers, blush foam roses with stems and leaves, or white peony shrubs will make a mystical artificial flower arrangement.

Create a designer-like artificial floral arrangement by mixing real touch roses, orchids, and mums, or make a style statement by putting together artificial roses and calla lily artificial flowers with some green fillers. Achieve that denser look for your fake flower bouquet by using two assortments of green bouquet fillers. You can use the same colored artificial flowers and spread them evenly across your silk artificial flower arrangement to avoid grouping the same florals.

Lastly, add pebbles and water to make the artificial flowers look more genuine, and rotate the vase as you assemble your mixed flower bouquet for even, balanced home décor artificial flower arrangements.

Pop In Greenery

If you want to bring life to an aesthetic flower bouquet, pop in some greenery, as it will add depth and texture to a DIY floral arrangement. For instance, adding artificial amaranthus with ivy leaves in a faux flower bouquet will serve as a standout flower feature; or even adding the foliage of monstera palm leaves will bring a cheerful splash of green hue to an artificial flower bouquet. Add a WOW factor in your white flower bouquet and pastel-colored floral arrangements by filling in some of the eucalyptus spray, or pick lemon leaf greenery, which can be a subtle companion to magnificent flower arrangements. For romantic, heavy blooms like roses, buttercups, and peonies, inserting green fillers like dusty miller leaves will be a great addition. To add body to an artificial floral arrangement choose artificial ivy branch or leather leaf ferns.

Floral Supplies

Create most enchanting artificial floral arrangements like a professional florist by using enchanting floral supplies and give your vases a stylish and glamorous look. We offer some amazing floral supplies like, floral foam balls, foam cones, foam bouquet holders, foam bricks, floral tape, satin rattail cord, washi glitter tape, ribbons, invisible craft wire, metalized film tape, hook and loop fastener reusable Velcro strips, jute rope, & glue stick that will let you create some mesmerizing faux flower bouquets. So, if you want to keep your bouquets upright in tall vases and jars, use these floral supplies and make flower bouquets like a pro.

Assembling Flower Bouquet

No festivity is complete without some floriated accents and decoration, whether they are made to beautify the venue, home décor, or to impress that special one, artificial flower arrangement adds that magical touch. To create flawless fake flower bouquets, you need to follow some principles, like the color combination and how single stem flowers and long stem branches should be joined. Let’s learn how to put together a perfect artificial floral arrangement.

Start by choosing your desired artificial flower bush and continue to build the flower bouquet stem by stem until you reach the chosen size, the size that you want for your flower bouquet is your personal call. Pick a floral foam brick or foam ball to arrange your fake flower bouquets or choose floral tape for vessels with odd arrangements. Add firmness by cutting the bottom of the stems to your preferred length using wire cutters and later glue the decorative ribbon uniformly around the stems. Position them in the vessel at different heights and give your faux flower arrangement radiance and jubilance.

To add more body and structure to your flower bouquet, use artificial or fresh green fillers. Bending and curving these artificial flowers and foliage or making some pieces hanging down will add a realistic touch to your artificial floral arrangement.



We hope that with this blog post, you have got sufficient ideas on how to put together a lovely faux flower arrangement. So unleash your artistic side and design the most enchanting floral masterpieces like a professional florist. Just check our collection of artificial flowers & floral supplies now to see by yourself!

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