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To positively adapt and thrive in this new normal, where working from home is the safest option around, it is important to maintain a workspace that is both productive and professionally up leveled. As we navigate through these uncertain times together, we at tableclothsfactory want to support our awesome customers in meaningful ways as they adjust to new ways of working and living. In an effort to help you and those most important to you not only survive but thrive we have specially created a collection comprising of all the necessary products that will keep your spirits up and will help you stay healthy and productive while working via remote.

Your home workplace is a representation of you as a professional and therefore should be least distracting and most productive. Since there is a huge difference between skyping with friends or family, and having a conference call with colleagues or potential customers, it is very crucial to create a subtle background to give a more professional look to your conference meetings. We care for your personal and professional wellbeing and therefore have cherry picked some simple, yet sophisticated backdrop ideas to help you design your home office for the most professional video conference environment. Read on and explore more ways to give a more professional look to your home office with our amazing range of backdrops.


Choose Your Workplace Wisely!

It’s not easy to make yourself prepared for work once you are at home. Those lazy mornings in the house, is a big challenge to get some productivity in your work-from-home life. Setting up a routine and following it vigilantly is not an easy thing. Many are still not satisfied with the area that they have chosen for work, either it be a kitchen table or their living room couches. Setting up an area and isolating it for just your home office requires a lot of your attention. The best part about working from home is the freedom that you enjoy of being your own boss. No boring and uncomfortable office desks to spend the whole day on, instead you can always choose your work space as per you mood. Don’t want to stay indoor when the sweet spring breeze tempts you, no worries, take your laptop along and let the seasonal freshness inspires you with refreshing ideas. Working from home is great, but it can be problematic if it’s not well managed. Let’s dig into the tips and best practices for working from home.


Freshen Up Your Dull Backdrops By Adding A Seasonal Touch!

Revamp your home office space by infusing the spring time splendor with our awe-inspiring backdrops and take the visual aesthetics of your video conferencing up a notch. Add a splash of vibrancy into your home office with our peel and stick 3D foam brick wall. Either be it your bedroom wall or any other part of your home, these decent and sober brick wall backdrops will ingeniously boost the visual appeal of your video meetings. This will stylishly harmonize your surroundings, giving your video conferencing a nice, decent backdrop, spreading the positivity among all the participants and lifting their morals amidst these tough circumstances. Impart a whimsical appeal by introducing blissful seasonal elements into your home office settings, exuding positive vibes all around. Bring a splash of greenery into your backdrops by adding our succulents in pots into your backdrop and ingeniously give a scenic spring vibe to your makeshift home office backdrop, making it a pleasurable sight to feel positive and upbeat for your colleagues who are stuck in their homes. 


Make the most out of your makeshift home office by exploring your productive side. A customized home office setup is an integral part of any conference call that you are a part of. A professional backdrop is a key element while having the video conferencing as it depicts the products and ideals that you are branding and not just showing off your home office’s closet door. Boost the impact of your home office space by incorporating cheerful colors, enchanting luminaries, and nature inspired greenery and create a refreshing seasonal look of your home office settings. Grab the attention of your teammates during the conference calls by creating an eye-catching backdrop with our white carnation tissue paper flowers. Impart a chic visual appeal to your video conferencing by creating a classy place setting by placing our Geometric Metal Wired Candle Holder along with some votive candles and exhibit next level elegance and class.


Incorporate the blossoming flowers and vibrant greenery to exude an enchanting virtual appeal to your home office greenery backdrop. Bring a charming spring joy into your lackluster backdrops by adding a mix of sumptuous Coral Rose Bouquet & Hydrangea Flowers or some Green Artificial IVY leaf Garlands in our enchanting White Square Wooden Planter Box. Impart a riveting visual aura into your home office space by bringing the nature inside with these life-like enchanting blooms. Add some of your favorite books and add a dash of finesse into your home office setup by creating a virtually appealing white backdrop centerpiece. Spruce up the productivity of your virtual meetings with this white wall backdrop and elevate your work aesthetics up a notch. An exceptional and well-executed backdrop will emanate a professional yet classy charm into your home work space.


Highlight Your Work Aesthetics With Solid Color Backdrops!

Practicing social distancing and maintaining the same level of professionalism at the same time, is a new challenge that every worker is facing now a days. Virtually connecting with each other in a professional way requires a distraction free and composed backdrop, where video conferencing and meetings become a pleasurable experience. No matter what place you have chosen to set up your home office, an enticing and refined backdrop is a must have for giving that professional look to your video conferencing. If your job demands a more serious and executive look, ingeniously boost the overall aesthetics of your home work place by gracefully showing off our Double Layered Chiffon & Polyester Backdrops.This convenient backdrop with rod pockets will help you effortlessly organize your professional backdrop with ease in no time.


Our high quality backdrops are highly adaptable to any kind of environment you are looking for. With multi-functional qualities they can fit in any surrounding. Whether it’s a professional video conferencing or a student’s connecting classroom, an undistracted and well-organized setup will ingeniously boost your capabilities. With schools and colleges now adapting to online classes and lessons to continue providing undistracted education to pupils, there is a need for a quiet and peaceful space that assures productive output. Give your kids and teens an organized and composed space with a decent background for their video sessions reflecting their subtle and serious approach towards academics. Display a soft flowing backdrop to make them experience the most constructive atmosphere and explore their efficiencies in a refined way. Opt for our Polyester Curtain Panels and uplift the spirits of our future professionals for the most healthier and prosperous future.


Visually Subtle Home Office Backdrops!

Video conferencing is not something that doesn’t require perfection. It increases productivity amongst employees, so it is very important to keep the level of professionalism high by establishing a standard backdrop regardless of what area you have chosen to set up your home office. A subtle and visually neutral backdrop is what is preferred in most video conferencing. It is also important to keep in mind those colleagues who are fighting with some kind of visual impairment. So, some pleasing to eye hues like green or blue can be a perfect choice while conducting video conferencing and for that our mint green peel & stick foam wall bricks tiles will be the ideal pick. Giving a pleasing sight to the ones watching you, this green backdrop will exude a harmonized and cohesive look.


Bring Spark into Your Dull Backdrops!

Bring an extra boost of glitz and glamour by adding shimmer into your plain walls and lift up the mood of your audience. If you are a professional party planner, youtuber, interior designer, event planner, or a volgger, opt for our Sequin Backdrop Curtains, Big Payette Sequin Backdrops, Shiny Spandex Glittering Backdrop and Rosette Photography Backdrops and exhibit grandeur and splendor into your home workstation while having video conferencing. Transforming your dull and dreary space into spectacle of shine and sparkle, these backdrops will exquisitely bedeck your work home space. Fashioned with high quality fabric and robust stitching, these elegant backdrops can be kept for all lovely parties and revelries that you have planned for a happy and healthy future that is not much far from today.


Handy Backdrops & Photography Kits!

Not everyone likes to scratch off their wall decor and change the lovely settings of the home which they have done with so much planning and involvement. But what if your home office space demands for some bold colors and subtle ambiance? Don’t fret! As we have got some amazing portable backdrops that can easily and effortlessly be installed anywhere in the house giving a pure professional look to your home office. Take your home office anywhere your heart desires with these adjustable and easy to install backdrops. Get inspired by the refreshing spring breeze as you deliver a presentation to your colleagues while sitting in your garden or patio, or disguise your kitchen counter with a highly professional backdrop nicely draped on our sturdy backdrop stand. Our Adjustable Heavy Duty Pipe & Drape Kit is perfectly manageable and easy to install for an unhindered professional experience.


Get your creative side out and make some changes to setup a formal office setting. Identify the space and plan it accordingly to highlight the work aesthetics of your work-from-home settings. Elevate the look of your video conferencing backdrop by adding gorgeous dimensions into your wall backdrop. Hang a scenic wall hanging and a nightstand to accentuate the elegance of the ambiance and exude a gleaming and refined appeal to your home office backdrop. Give lovely finishing touches to your home office place settings by highlighting our decorative accessories, wall hangings, floral accents and planters.





Ingeniously highlight your home office settings by incorporating our highly-adjustable backdrops and give a subtle professional air to your video conferencing. We hope that our professional backdrops have inspired you enough to setup a graceful home office backdrop for your future video conferences.  Don’t forget to check out our Conference Meeting Backdrops Line for bringing that professional work environment into your makeshift office while staying safe at home. We would love to read your feedbacks in the box below!

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