Chic Spring Home Decor Trends to Perk Up your Interior

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As nature breathes life back into the world and the blooming flowers and lush greenery thrive in the warm beaming rays of spring sunshine, it is time to allow your home decor to blossom with everything this enchanting season has to offer. Since we all are stuck at home anyways during this social-distancing period, why not take this time to enliven your interior design infusing the joyous and refreshing spring vibe into your indoor spaces.

Play around a pretty pastel color palette, vibrant greenery, lovely blooms, and stunning seasonal accents, to celebrate the springtime splendor. Whether you want to give a riveting spring update to your modern home decor or you are looking for something to impart a refreshing allure to your unique home decor, we have mustered up some great spring 2020 home decor trends to breathe life into your abode. From enchanting home decor ideas for living room to spring table decorations and home office decor, read on to gather some inspirational ideas to elegantly revamp your interior design.

Enticing Living Room Home Decor

Declutter your living room and rearrange your furniture to give a fresh new look to your space. You’ll be surprised to see how simple tweaks here and there can make a huge difference and change the entire look of the room. Feature seasonal accents and subtle hues in your home interior decor to elevate the mesmerizing spring charm. Style your surfaces and spotlight your accent tables, coffee table, consoles and mantelpiece with some stunning decorative showpieces to accentuate your traditional home decor tenfold. Explore our charming living room home decor centerpiece ideas to exude a cheerful and majestic appeal to your dull and boring spaces.

If you are looking to give a sleek and modish update to your coffee table to harmonize your modern home decor, we have just the perfect centerpiece idea for you! Switch your spring color scheme up a notch and opt for blush hues with hints of silver tones to emanate a scintillating allure. Arrange a bunch of silver sprayed leaf stems in our chic dual-color pentagon geometric flower vase and use a small round mirror to place our elegant rose gold metal Eiffel tower on your living room coffee table for a classy modish charm. Also, arrange a few blush tea light candles with a rose gold pillar candle exuding a subtle radiance.

spring home decor

Want to augment the beauty of your intricate-designed wooden accent table? Showcase an idyllic table centerpiece to elegantly highlight your rustic home decor. Swathe a natural fringed burlap runner on your table and position a natural wooden slice on top to elevate the rustic charm. Opt for our sumptuous assorted colored fake succulent plants with pots in varying sizes and arrange them on your wooden slab along with some cactus succulent tea light candles imparting a gloriously lush spring flair to your bucolic living room home decor.  

spring home decor

Give a ravishing makeover to your contemporary home decor and pick geometric accents to ingeniously enhance your living room interior design. Are you looking for a unique home decor style? Try grouping various different vases and place them on your mantelpiece or your hearth for an eccentric appeal. Choose our gorgeous gold geometric glass flower vase, honeycomb base glass cylindrical vase, and gold hexagonal geometric iron stand and arrange them together to emanate classy elegance. Create a lovely bouquet of spring florals using our cream artificial hydrangeas, ivory chrysanthemums, and light yellow silk peonies and display it in your chic flower vase exuding a riveting allure to your space. Moreover, also place an ivory LED candle on a small black plate along with your decorative vases to brighten up your posh aesthetics.

spring home decor

Whimsical Spring Tablescape Decorations

Searching for spring home decor ideas for dining room? Feature nature-inspired hues and infuse the blissfulness of spring in your table decorations to spruce things up. Start off by adding texture and pattern to your plain walls with our peel and stick wall panels for effortless yet interesting wall decor. Spread plain white table linen on your dinner table and use a glossy peach-colored table overlay and a chic ivory lace table runner to stylishly glam up your tablescape.

spring home decor

Place Settings

For your table settings, choose our white and gold antique charger plates and top them with our embossed white dinner plates to accentuate your posh table decorations for home. Add an enchanting touch to your table aesthetics and place pretty white calla lily flower stems beside your charger plates emanating a whimsical spring aura to your place settings. Finish off by arranging our blue and white chevron paper napkins, decorative silver cutlery, and silver-rimmed wine glasses to complete your refined table settings.

spring home decor

Alluring Dinner Table Centerpieces for spring

When it comes to dinner table centerpieces for spring, you can never go wrong with luscious floral arrangements with lush foliage decorations imparting a vibrant and fresh appeal. Choose our pastel-hued artificial spring blooms and pick ivory peonies, blue mini calla lilies, light blush peonies and hydrangeas, and purple and white calla lilies to create a plush flower arrangement. Display your florals in our white rectangular wooden planter box along with some faux decorative succulent plants for a blossoming table decor.

spring home decor

Exhibit multiple decorative accents on your tablescape to exude grandeur and panache. Fill our silver metal lanterns with gorgeous peach rose heads, cream, and blush-colored hydrangeas to augment the sumptuous spring charm. Use a small white box to place your floral-filled lanterns on both ends of your table runner emanating a glorious appeal.

spring home decor

Brighten up your table decor and arrange several silver tea light candles and white votive candles in turquoise holders to ooze a scintillating glow. Imbue a vibrant and refreshing flair into your table decorations for home by styling a lush green leafy garland along the middle of your table giving a pleasant and striking charm to your spring tablescape.

spring home decor

Riveting Chair Decorations

Elevate your spring home decor to a whole new level by decking out your dining table chairs with seasonal embellishments imparting a mesmerizing allure. Dress your chairs with our white tutu chair skirts and dusty rose chair cushions and adorn our glorious blush silk peony flower and foliage garlands to elegantly perk up your whimsical chair decorations.

spring home decor

Work from Home Decor

Are you fulfilling your work commitments from home and wondering how to decorate a home office to lift your spirit? Pep things up and give a spring update to your workspace to boost your energy and productivity. Swap out your blackout curtains with our ivory or blush sheer curtains and let the gleaming rays of warm sunshine illume your place bringing in an invigorating vibe. Spruce up your gloomy work table with a bunch of florals and luscious greenery to add a refreshing appeal. Enrich your home office decor with some plush peach-colored blooms arranged in gold holders, fake succulent plants with pots and a pink ceramic pen holder to freshen up your home office workspace.

spring home decor

Home Window Decor

Do you want to transform your dull and boring home windows? Try updating your window treatments and droop some hanging decorations to elevate your home interior decor. Install our imperial white floral lace sheer curtains for a charming allure and drop down a few glass terrariums from your ceiling or window recess in varying heights to impart a chic appeal. Fill your terrariums with our natural decorative sand and nestle artificial succulent plants inside emanating an enchanting flair to your home and window decor.

spring home decor

Make the most of your time at home and spruce up your interior design to exude a cheerful and joyous vibe. We hope that these trendy home decor ideas for spring have given you enough inspiration to revamp your home interior decor giving a modish chic look to your indoor spaces. Which home decor ideas did you love the most? How are you going to decorate your humble abode for the blissful spring season? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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