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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with the widely celebrated festival of love falling on a Friday this year, what better way to spend it than with someone you love? Whether you’re celebrating with the girls for the ultimate Galentine’s Day soiree or treating your Valentine to an intimate dinner for two, you’ll never outgrow the warm and cozy feelings that Valentine’s Day inspires. As we draw closer to Valentine’s Day, the best advice we can give you is to look for more intimate and artistic yet simple ways to express your love. Involve yourself more this time by igniting the mood through a simple yet effective Valentine’s Day décor. To help you keep the fire burning, we have gathered some great party and table décor ideas that are perfect for outfitting any fete this February and will surely make everyone’s hearts swoon!

Whimsical Party Decor Ideas

Planning to throw a Valentine’s Day bash for your friends or looking for ideas to bedeck your space for an intimate dinner for two? We have cherry-picked some fabulous and simple party decor ideas that you can incorporate to create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the only day that you get to adorn yourself and your space in all things floral and red. One of our favorite ways to prepare for the holiday is by decorating with all sorts of Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations.

Balloons are décor accents that can never go off-trend as they bring a joyous vibe into the party atmosphere. Incorporating balloons in your Valentine’s Day décor is a fun and simple way to spread love and joy among your family and friends. Valentine’s Day being a day of hearts and celebrating love, requires you to opt for our heart-shaped foil heart balloons in all the colors of love such as red, rose gold, silver, and pink. Accentuate your wall décor with these gorgeous and shiny balloons and spread bunches of our heart-shaped latex balloons all around your party space to add a whimsical effect.

Valentine's Day Decor

Looking for a relatively simple Valentine’s Day décor that will be easy to set-up but will elevate your décor to the next level? We recommend our paper fan decorations that’ll not only decorate your wall within minimal time but can be kept away after the party for use at future events. Accentuate your wall or mantle décor further with a simple DIY heart garland made out of glitter sheets. For this elegant and easy project, you’ll need to cut out hearts from our glitter foam sheets using the colors burgundy, hot pink, pink, gold, rose gold, and silver and puncture little holes on either end of each heart. Next, weave a string through the hearts in alternating colors to create a cute shimmery heart garland. Place this glimmering garland on your wall or mantle along with a signage of your choice using letter cut-outs from hues of glitter sheets similar to the hearts to convey your love message through a heart-melting gesture!

Valentine's Day Decor

If you’re looking forward to surprise the love of your life and want to put in extra effort to win his/her heart over, opt for a beach set up and assemble a canopy using our canopy mandap stand. Create a breathtaking view by dressing your canopy stand with red and ivory organza backdrop curtains that’ll fly mesmerizingly with the soft breeze alongside the sea. Bedeck your canopy further with silk flower bouquets and string lights to bring in a soft light that’ll add oodles of romantic flair into the ambiance. If this lighting effect created with string lights has left you craving for the addition of more subtle lighting, placing candles is the perfect solution to kindle more love into the Valentine’s Day decor. Simply surround your canopy set up with our LED pillar candles that’ll glow as long as you wish without blowing out like the traditional wax candles.

Valentine's Day Decor

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Décor

A glamorous Valentine’s Day celebration is all about setting the perfect table. That’s why we’ve selected two unique ideas for you to inspire your Valentine’s Day tablescape from romantic table settings to captivating centerpieces.

In case you don’t want to go for the traditional red and white décor for your Valentine’s Day décor, using soft hues of pink, white and ivory can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Give your table a beautiful and elegant drape with our ivory or white tablecloth or simply place a dusty rose runner across the length of your bare table with two fuchsia runners placed width-wise. This set up will showcase the beauty of your dark wood table gorgeously and will set the foundation for an elegant table setting as well. For your place setting, we recommend our stylish and chic square dinner plates, silver cutlery, and glasses to complete a table set that’ll be uniquely yours. To top it all off and to infuse a romantic flair on your tablescape, opt for our fuchsia and cream silk roses and arrange them in an attractive vase, hence creating a breathtaking floral centerpiece.

Valentine's Day Decor

Has the above tablescape left you craving for more fabulous ideas to set your Valentine’s Day table décor? We have yet another sensational idea to satiate your cravings for table décor. Give your table a neutral drape with our white polyester tablecloth and use our glimmering interlaced red metallic string placemats as chargers beneath our red-rim dinner plates to create a gorgeous red/white combination. Further elevate your place setting with red napkins with gold napkin rings and gold cutlery for a cohesive and complete Valentine’s Day look. We know that candles and candlelight dinners are the first thing one can imagine when planning an intimate celebration. Hence, spread out our white tapered candles in gem cut candleholders along with gold pillar candles all across your tablescape for a truly awe-inspiring and romantic set up worthy of winning hearts over!

Valentine's Day Decor

What could be more romantic than chocolates and chocolate-flavored desserts at a celebration as intimate as Valentine’s Day? Seduce your Valentine with this scrumptious delicacy in the form of chocolates, chocolate macaroons, truffles, or cookies by gifting them in our heart-shaped favor boxes. Other gift ideas for ‘her’ or ‘him’ can be our scented soap gift box and our burlap heart frame favor to treasure memorable moments forever.

Valentine's Day Decor

Do you feel the romance in the air already? Well, hold your breath as this centerpiece idea will definitely make your heart skip a beat! As Valentine’s Day is the day of hearts, why not display a heartfelt centerpiece right in the middle of your tablescape? Simply arrange our red candleholders containing votive candles in the shape of a heart and fill the empty space in between with burgundy rose petals. This gorgeous centerpiece décor will rekindle enormous love between you and your Valentine when the candles are lit exuding soft candlelight on the delicate petals and all-around your table set up.  

Valentine's Day Decor

If you love celebrating love, then Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite days of the year. And there can be no better way to celebrate than decorating your space with a classy Valentine’s Day décor that’ll fall just under your budget. Did our set of ideas inspire you to recreate your own Valentine’s Day décor? Which ones will you incorporate in your home or party décor? We would love to know in the comment box below!

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