Champagne Flutes


Trumpet Champagne Flutes For A Worry Free Entertaining!


Trumpet Champagne Flutes

Whatever occasion is on the agenda, chances are it won’t go without champagne on the list. Whether you are going to celebrate outdoors or planning to invite a crowd, we strongly recommend you look no further than our collection of trumpet champagne flutes.

Despite being made from plastic, they are exact replicas of their glass counterparts. Available in a variety of shapes and designs, they are perfect for any occasion and type of bubbly. For instance, if you need a bunch of flared trumpet champagne flutes with faceted design, you can never go wrong with our clear plastic disposable champagne wine toast flutes, which come with a variety of colored bases. 

For an imperial feel, you can try out our timeless elegance toasting flutes. On top of that, our plastic disposable champagne flutes will allow you to preserve the maximum amount of bubbles. Serve your preferred bubbly drinks in charming champagne stemware. Whether you're having champagne, a mimosa, prosecco, or any type of sparkling wine, toasting flutes gives a celebratory feel to any occasion. 

Look for long stem champagne flutes for a classic approach, or opt for a contemporary take with fancy champagne glasses with a detachable base to enhance the bubbles and aroma of the sparkling beverages you adore. 

Champagne Stemware
Toasting Flutes

Want to have the party going all night long? Have a set of our 12 Pack | 6 oz | Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable | Gold Glitter Sprinkled | Flared Design | Detachable Base on hand as well as serving accessories—including ice tongs, an ice bucket, and a wine bottle stopper—for whenever a remarkable event occurs. Relish in worry-free entertaining during outdoor and casual gatherings with acrylic tall champagne flutes

At, we understand that crystal trumpet flutes can devour a sustainable chunk of your budget. Luckily, our Trumpet Champagne Flutes collection will let you tuck all your worries away with a wide range of options that offer exceptional quality coupled with budget-friendly price tags. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection now!



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy plastic trumpet champagne flutes?

Ans: Cheers to good times and good health with Tableclothsfactory's adorable and classy plastic champagne glasses in various styles to complement your party decor. Shop and stock up now on champagne flute glasses so you can serve your refreshments in style and save big on your next gathering, wedding function, or any other special event you are planning.

Our disposable champagne glasses are of the highest quality and you can just dispose them of after use. They are also available at the lowest prices possible, so make sure to grab a few pieces now while they're still available!

2. How to hold a champagne glass?

Ans: It's best to hold your champagne glass by the stem. Champagne is best enjoyed chilled and handling the glass or coupe next to the bowl will warm the drink. You might also leave palm prints that will ruin your view of the bubbles. An alternative way of holding a glass of champagne is to grip your fingers around the base of the glass and curl your little finger beneath for additional support.

3. What is a flute glass used for? 

Ans: While it is most commonly used for sparkling wines, plastic champagne flutes are also used for certain beers, especially fruit beers, wheat beers, and gueuzes. The disposable champagne flute shows the color of the beer and helps concentrate the aroma for the nose. The champagne flute is easy to distinguish from the pilsner glass because the latter has no stem.

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