Black, Orange, and Purple; Halloween’s Favorite Colors

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Halloween is just around the corner! We’re starting to see a lot of black, orange, and purple pop around our neighborhoods. It’s no surprise that these colors are Halloween’s favorites! Out of all the colors in this world, how did black, orange, and purple become associated with Halloween?

For the longest time, black and orange have been Halloween’s top two colors. Black is associated with darkness, death, and the long nights approaching with the winter solstice. Halloween comes from the Celts, who would wear black on this day to open doors between the living and the departed. Orange represents the change of season and fall foliage. Shades of orange can be seen in leaves, jack ‘o lanterns, and harvest moons. It wasn’t until later than purple became another notable Halloween color, due to its association with witchcraft.

We at love all these colors for Halloween! In fact, we’ve picked out our top 3 favorite black, orange, and purple items that are perfect for your Halloween party! Check out our list below.

Our Top 3 Black Items

1. Black Premium Designer Curly Willow Chiffon Chair Sash

This chair sash has such a soft, yet spooky look to it. Though you can use it for any occasion, it’d fit just right in with a scary Halloween dinner party.

2. Glittered Manzanita Black Tree

This glittery tree screams Halloween! It’s twisted limbs and black silhouette is a classic symbol on a mysterious October night.

3. Black Satin Rectangular Tablecloth

Silky and shiny, this long rectangle tablecloth will look eerily dazzling on its own or with orange accents.

Our Top 3 Orange Items

1. Halloween Orange Organza Favor Bags

These favor bags are made for Halloween! Donned with black bats and cats, this cute little bag is sure to bring back nostalgic memories of trick-or-treating. Fill it up with treats for your guests!

2. Orange Satin Table Runner

Just image this bright orange table runner on a black tablecloth. It’s an awesome accent for a Halloween party!

3. Orange Acrylic Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are stunning in this dark, metallic orange color. They’d look gorgeous with white or black napkins. They’re perfect for your posh Halloween event!

Our Top 3 Purple Items

1. Purple Metallic Foil Shimmer Fringe Curtain

Can’t you imagine this curtain as a backdrop to your Halloween photos? Or a cool way to divide rooms during your Halloween party? We certainly can!

2. 7.5 ft Purple String Lights

These goulish purple string lights are such a simple yet flawless addition to your party. Hang them on a table, bookshelf, fireplace, or anywhere for a purple glow!

3. Round Purple Beaded Acrylic Charger Plates

Shown in a dark purple jewel tone, these charger plates are sure to make your Halloween party fancy and frightening. You can use these charger plates during Halloween or any other time!

What is your favorite black, orange, and purple items? Let us know in the comments!

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