Simple Tricks to Throw an Ultimate Bohemian Party This Fall

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If you still haven’t come up with a captivating décor for your fall event, we’ve got you covered with a catch-all solution for any celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, bridal shower, or Thanksgiving, tying Bohemian chic and fall décor is a wise idea – it’s inexpensive and takes only a couple of key tricks to make it happen!

Skip the Tablecloth

When it comes to Bohemian table setting, linens are optional. For your autumn event, you can cover your rustic wooden table with a runner made of  “natural” gifts, such as pumpkins, acorns, berries, dried lemons and oranges, pine cones, autumn flowers, or leaf garlands. In case you can’t image your table setting without a piece of fabric, we can help you with our collection of classic lace  or chevron runners. Those who want to conceal their dreary tables can try out our raffia fabric bolts or burlap fringed overlays.


To achieve that bohemian appeal, you may forget about chairs! If you have a low table, we suggest you adding some pillows. In order to protect your guests from direct contact to the grass, use our raffia fabric bolts for seats – with the big range of hues, you’ll easily find something that flawlessly blends with other decorations. In case it’s too cold or you are just not able to say “no” to comfortable seats, you can try using mismatched chairs or adorn our Chiavari chairs with our chiffon sashes.

Avoid Paper Dinnerware

Since boho is all about connecting to nature and earth, avoid using paper plates – eating off “real” dinnerware is much nicer. To this end, we recommend you drop by our collection of porcelain plates and purchase several ones in different colors. To prove your “reunion” with nature, give a chance to our bamboo spoons, forks, and knives.

Use an Unexpected Accessory

To add a visual interest into your setup, use an unexpected element. For example, along with your traditional candle holders, you can use our wooden stump holders – made of natural wood, this rustic highlights are perfect for your votive, tea light, or cactus candles. To carry on with your wooden theme, you can also consider our wooden place card holders and rustic wooden chips. Alternatively, our artificial birdcages, gold metal holders, feathers, or glass terrariums will also work on you!

Candlestick Composition

Love vintage settings? Sweep the dust off your eclectic candelabra collection or stop by TableclothsFactory if you don’t own one – our online store offers a huge selection of gold, silver, and clear candlestick holders and candelabra at rock-bottom prices. Remember that mismatching is the characterstic of the Bohemian style, meaning that you can garnish your holders with taper, tea light, and votive candles of different colors (within your event color theme, of course!) and you’ll end up with an adorable laid-back display!


Gone are the days when everything DIY was considered imperfect and low-class. Since nothing says bohemian like craft projects – your next boho-chic event is a perfect excuse to let your inner jack-of-all-trades run free! Avoid sending evites or buying ready-made favors. The feather printing technique is one of the easiest ways to add a Bohemian touch to your invitations, favors boxes and tags, coasters, burlap napkins, runners, or whatever deserves that special bohemian allure! In case you don’t want to mess around with feathers, you can tie-dye your fabric accessories – the technique is very easy (and boho!) and the result doesn’t have to be perfect. You can also involve your friends – most guests are eager to lend a hand at the preparation process.

As you can see, there’re no strict rules when it comes to the Bohemian-inspired décor – rather, this style is about breaking the rules. All you need is to focus on using vintage elements, candles, porcelain dishes, lace accessories, wooden knick-knacks, and beyond – luckily, TableclothsFactory offers plenty of such things. Have you come up with an unexpected twist on Bohemian style? Please let us know in the comments bellow!

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