Three “Wintery” Shades to Go Perfectly with Coral

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After extensive trend analysis and careful deliberation, Pantone’s color experts have selected Living Coral (a bright shade of coral) to be 2019 color of the year. Since it “was born” at ocean depths, it is often coupled with turquoise, aqua, and teal, which are truly summer shades. But what if you can’t wait to make coral your event décor staple despite the weather outside? Not a problem – there are at least three “wintery” shades matching coral.

Serenity Blue

Being a Pantone color of the year 2016, light and airy Serenity is a perfect match for lively and persuasive Coral. While the former is a bluish shade on snow in the twilight, the latter is gentle ray of the sun reflecting it off in the morning. Such resemblance makes these two shades  an ideal color ensemble for your winter-inspired party theme. Thus, our serenity blue sequin overlay will acquire that wintery warmth if you beautify it with our gem-cut pillar vases full of our light coral giant peony flower (or classic glass terrariums filled with our silk peony flower heads). And don't forget about your chairs, which will shine in combination with our coral spandex sashes!



                                                      Source image 1                                                                                                Source image 2


Amethyst & Warm Purple

Another warming combo for a winter celebration is coral vs. warm purple, perfect for both winter and fall celebrations. To try the two out, you can cover your feature wall with our giant purple carnations, light coral giant peony flowers and “cool everything down” with our winter-inspired silver real-touch giant roses. You can carry on with your theme by styling our silver chair covers with amethyst curly chiffon sashes and coral hydrangea flowers. In the end, we strongly recommend finishing off your tablescape by adding a vase full of roses, hydrangeas, and assorted echeveria succulents



                                                    Source image 1                                                                                                       Source image 2


Mint & Frosted Green

While coral vs. sage green is an ideal combination for summer festivities, your winter parties will acquire that visual interest if you experiment with coral and mint. For instance, your mint-colored foam brick wall will acquire that springtime freshness if you decorate it with our giant coral peonies


                                                      Source image 1                                                                                                              Source image 2


To bring that wintry flair to your display, give a chance to coral and frosted green. Those who are crazy about eucalyptus can use our life-like frosted green eucalyptus sprays teamed silver glittered Christmas sprays to liven up our coral chair sashThis wintery arrangement will look perfect in combination with our white polyester (or sequin) tablecloth and coral napkins embellished with silver rings.


                                                      Source image 1                                                                                            Source image 2


As you might guess, these shades are just a few pickings from  myriad of possible options. Feel free to experiment around these colors and don’t forget to shop from our online store for the needed accessories. Either way, what do you personally think about coral? Is it compatible with wintery shades? Please let us know in the comments below!




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