Do I Need A Unity Candle At My Wedding?

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Weddings are such beautiful events that call for nothing but perfection; from wedding dresses to choosing the wedding colors, food, and overall decorations, there are plenty of things that complete a wedding ceremony. Apart from all these, there are some rituals and traditions without which no wedding is completed. One such beautiful tradition is a unity candle ceremony where the two different families get united for the newlywed couple. Lighting the wedding unity candles in a wedding ceremony was once considered as a ritual but now it’s a part of every modern wedding. The light of these unique unity candles lit by the couple not only exudes romantic vibes all over the space but also symbolizes the two different souls entering a new relationship with their own individuality. For those whose wedding bells are about to ring and are questioning themselves that, ‘Do I need a unity candle at my wedding?’ we have shared some lovely aspects of conducting a wedding unity candles ceremony in this blog post, so continue reading and get inspired.

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Augment Distinctiveness!

If you want your wedding to be distinctive and the one to be remembered, then let unity candles be a part of your special day and make the flames of these burning wedding unity candles give a brightening start to your new life. Being the most romantic activity in any wedding ceremony, lighting these beautiful unity candles will give you an experience that is beyond imagination. Augmenting the aesthetics of your wedding up a notch, a wedding unity candles ceremony is a unique tradition in itself. The moment when the couple picks up their glowing taper candles to light the main unity candle is simply magical, it’s the main highlight of a wedding ceremony where all eyes are on the love buds who are making lifetime promises. The positivity that is spread by lighting these beautiful unity candles is a true portrayal of how these two individuals will start their new life with harmony, love, and mutual understanding.


Beautiful Family Union!

Wedding is a union of two individual souls and by conducting a unity candles ceremony it brings their families together too. The beautiful bond that the families of the couple shares while being a part of the wedding unity candles ceremony is simply magical as it signifies their unity. The common practice of performing the unity candles ceremony is when the mothers of the bride and groom light the two individual taper candles just before the wedding vows. Even in some wedding unity candles ceremonies the grandparents or fathers come forward to burn these beautiful unity candles to show solidarity. Once the taper candles are lit the couple follows and takes these candles to light the middle pillar candle and display the love, power, affection, and integrity that their families will share from now onwards.


Incorporating Family Heritage!

Infusing traditional elements in the wedding always adds that special feel that creates memories to cherish for lifetime. Lighting the unity candles in a wedding is also one such beautiful tradition where not only the couple gets united, but their family heritage and traditions too is expressed in a meaningful way. Right after taking their vows the couple lights up these wedding unity candles and creates some unforgettable memories. The way two families get together and incorporate their family rituals is what makes this unity candle ceremony worth cherishing. Letting the mother of the bride and groom or their first family member to start the ceremony by burning the taper candles is what the ritual is. Regardless of who burns the unity candles first, it is a glowing reminder that a true marriage stands where the two individuals honor and respect each other’s uniqueness.


Burning of unity candles is a lovely tradition that is now becoming a must have part of modern weddings, so if you are still considering that, ‘Do I need a unity candle at my wedding?’ don’t. Let this beautiful tradition of lighting the wedding unity candles exude a whimsical glow all around your wedding ceremony. So, how do you like our blog post? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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