How Do You Make A Wooden Triangle Arch?

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It goes without saying that creating some DIY projects for your wedding is the best way to add a unique, personal touch to your big event. And since the ceremony is the most important part of the day, it doesn’t get any better than creating your own wedding arch that perfectly fits the theme and your wedding decor dreams! While wedding arches come in many different shapes and styles, setting up a triangle wedding arch has become very popular for all the right reasons. Having a beautiful wooden triangle wedding arch as your backdrop brings an eccentric and modish twist to your wedding ceremony decoration without overshadowing other decor elements. Love the idea but wondering how do you make a wooden triangle arch? In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know, from assembling and decorating a triangle wedding arch to properly stabilizing it. So just keep on reading and make your decor dreams come true!

triangle wedding arch

Build It From Scratch!

There is something so beautiful yet graceful about two slender planks of wood forming a triangle wedding arch. It strikes just the perfect balance of modern, unique and chic. Moreover, building a wedding triangle arch from the ground up is much easier than creating any other shape or structure. Start by measuring and cutting a pair of tall wooden planks to make the main structure of the arch. Either crisscross the planks at the top or create a vertex securing it with screws. Next, to stabilize your DIY triangle wedding arch, attach small planks to each post leg of the arch creating a base that’ll help hold the arch upright in both indoor and outdoor settings.  However, if your woodworking skills are not up to par, you can always choose a premade triangle wedding arch from tableclothsfactory to escape the hassle!

Bedeck Your Arch!

Although a simple wooden triangle wedding arch looks gorgeous on its own, decking it with floral accents, greenery or fabric drapes arranged asymmetrically will enhance the overall wedding arch design tenfold. Use floral foam bricks to hold and stylishly place your artificial flowers, leaves, feathers and decorative sprays on the triangle wedding arch. Moreover, position lanterns, candles & holders, potted plants, or pool string lights or silk flower petals at the bottom of your geometric wedding arch to augment the visual aesthetics.

Anchor It Down!

Since putting on lots of decorations or setting the arch in a windy spot can affect the stability of your DIY wooden triangle wedding arch, it is essential to brace your arch with appropriate supporting equipment and accessories to keep it upright throughout your event. Anchor your DIY triangle wedding arch with a few sandbags or think out of the box and creatively position heavy columns & props, fancy planters or decorative plant pots filled with concrete, stones, or soil to weigh the wedding arch down. However, make sure to cover up the supports with drapery fabric, faux flower decorations, or anything creative that complements your triangle wedding arch decorations.

Whether you decide to dress it up or keep it simple, a beautifully decorated triangle wedding arch adds a sense of modern romance to your wedding ceremony decorations. So, get your hands on all the required supplies to make a whimsical DIY triangle wedding arch that’ll strike a show stopping statement! Don’t forget to share your wedding arch decoration ideas and inspirations with us in the comments box below!

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