Does Grey Go With Sage Green?

Are you having trouble on deciding a classic wedding color scheme? All of us struggle to choose a wedding color theme that signifies our aesthetics and makes a statement at the special day. In order to chase away your pre-wedding stress and make your wedding planning an exciting experience, all you need to do is choose the perfect color scheme as the rest of your décor will follow by. Going for sage green and other sage wedding colors will effortlessly add an invigorating feel of Mother Nature in your wedding ceremony. One of the main reasons sage wedding colors are extremely trendy is that they blend well with a myriad of colors. Whether you wish to play with the beauty of soothing shades or decide to pair them up with vibrant hues, sage wedding colors will marvelously rock every combination. Combine sage green with grey color palette for a sophisticated and chic wedding color theme. This modern color scheme exudes a sense of elegance that you and your beloved guests will admire. As colors, grey and sage green have their individual importance, you must be thinking, “Does grey go with sage green?” So keep reading to discover ideas that will help you create a gorgeous grey and sage green wedding theme.

sage wedding colors

Trendy All Year Round!                                                                                                                   

Weddings are all about colors, joy and preparations. Your personal preferences and creativity play a vital role in making it more memorable. Sage wedding colors are becoming a fashion symbol these days as they bring in the most soothing effects to your big day which is somehow the one of the busiest day for the couples. Sage green, when harmonized with grey color palette, pops out well with class and grace which will be appreciated by your guests for sure. This perfect combo is definitely meant to be applied in summertime weddings where it balances well with nature, spreading calmness and vibrancy all over your outdoor setting. Your spring wedding will become the talk of the town with the induction of grey and sage green aesthetics as this perfect blend seamlessly pairs itself with bright flowers that bloom over your spring wedding. Undoubtedly, fall weddings call for deep and rustic shades and grey should be your ultimate choice. With the goodbye to florals in autumn, you still have the chance to bring in a hint of green with sage green background to your wedding backdrop for a glamorous look.  The winter breeze brings in a lot of rich and metallic hues for a perfect wedding. The blend of grey with sage green would surely compliment the cold weather and this wedding will be enjoyed and remembered for a long time. This charismatic color combination is an ideal fit for weddings in both, warm and cool seasons.                 

Harmonize your Décor!

Go along with your sage wedding colors by effortlessly blending in the color palette of your wedding décor choices as well. Use refreshing artificial flowers to add a soothing effect on your super busy wedding day. In order to give your floral bouquets a simply stunning look, go for silk chrysanthemum florals and lily flowers, all in the lively sage green color. For your table tops, opt for a gorgeous grey chiffon table runner over a sparkling sage green satin edged organza tablecloth that will add the perfect dazzle and design to your table decorations. From alluring flower arrangements to magnificent tablescapes, coordinating your wedding decorations with sage green wedding theme will help you create a luxe and dreamy ambiance at your big day.

Delicate Dresses!

As brides love to stand out on their big day, they prefer wearing a statement white gown, but adding a pop of greenery paired with grey by designing grey and sage green bridesmaid dresses is undoubtedly a brilliant idea. Styling bridesmaid dresses with similar style and color always remains a popular choice so don’t miss out on this trend. The choice of silky grey satin fabric for stitching your dresses will surely lend a classic and sleek vibe. You can also opt for a smooth grey polyester fabric which will allow you to play with various styles, adding up to your delicate wedding theme. Don’t forget to bring in an element of sage green color by completing your hairdo with chic sage green headpieces that will maximize the beauty of your already adorable hairstyle. With endless style solutions from laces to florals, all you need to do is to go for dresses that signify the grey color palette and sage wedding colors, giving your best friend’s wedding day an entirely unique spin.


Create a splash with subtle grey and sage wedding colors that will make you cherish your wedding day memories for the years to come. Do fill the comments section below with your valuable décor ideas regarding this charismatic color combination.

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