How Do You Attach Garland To A Wedding Arch?

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hexagon wedding archThe most awaited wedding season is just round the corner and who doesn’t love to celebrate it with a blast? Whether it’s about giving each other precious rings or making lifelong promises, your wedding ceremony is one of those life changing moments that is cherished for the years to come. In order to signify the beauty of your ceremony area, all you need is a stunning wedding backdrop which will maximize the beauty of your vow exchange ceremony. A hexagon wedding arch will be the perfect statement-piece that will enhance your wedding ceremony like nothing else. This decorative piece of art will compliment your wedding color palette by playing the role of a blissful backdrop where your loved ones will carve sweet memories and click lovely pictures. If you are a fan of flower arrangements, you can surely make a beautiful statement by attaching garlands to your hexagon wedding arch. When designing your wedding arch, you have a plethora of choices from romantic red roses to lush green leaves but it’s all about selecting a backdrop that defines the power couple. To find solutions of questions like “How do you attach Garland to a wedding arch?” keep reading to discover extremely easy ways to impeccably attach alluring garlands to your hexagon wedding arch.

hexagon wedding arch

Garlands That Elevate Your Theme!

After choosing a visually appealing venue, styling wedding backdrops that prove to be the ideal fit for you and your partner-to-be is what you should consider doing next. Play with the beauty of floral and leaf garlands as embellishing your hexagon wedding arch with flowers and greenery has been in trend from a long time. For a beach wedding, the charismatic contrast of dynamic blue water and fabulous pink flower garlands will uplift your arrangements by simply hanging over your wedding backdrop. If you’re planning a garden-themed wedding, go for florals that mimic the feel of real flowers like delicate rose gold, magnificent lavender and attractive wine flower garlands to elevate your hexagon shaped wedding arch. For a rustic feel in an industrial themed wedding, incorporate lovely leaf garlands and light up your display with lanterns and candles over the sides of your aisle. Designing with artificial flowers and delicate leaves that are durable enough to last even after your event ends are popular forever and never go out of style.

Tips To Clip It!

We’re sure you have already started thinking of easy ways to flawlessly attach your garlands over your hexagon shaped wedding arch. Using white pew clips will give your garlands a strong hold over your wedding arch. Their premium quality plastic will easily withstand the load of garlands as well as will make your flowers look even more prominent and classic. Another option is to use backdrop clips made of nylon which makes them extremely easy to handle and long lasting. These clipping accessories will perfectly fix your garlands in the right place which will make your hexagon wedding arch look highly glamorous. 

Tie Up Your Garlands!

Instead of using laced or netted fabrics over your wedding backdrop, style your own DIY hexagon wedding arch with a hint of your own innovation by simply making use of some colorful pieces of fabrics. Using ribbons with satin edges will fill in the absence of fabric and seamlessly attach your chosen garlands to your wedding arch. Their vivacious colors will also help you tie in your wedding color theme and you’ll surely love to match it with your flower arrangements. Handcrafted from silky smooth fabric, chiffon ribbons will assist you in putting up your garlands over your wedding backdrop which will make a beautiful statement on your wedding day. You can also opt for our green gauge floral wires which will make a style statement on your special day. Adorn your hexagon wedding arch with these eye-catching ribbons and make your special day even more cheerful and bright.

Tape With Glitter!

Attaching garlands over your hexagon wedding arch becomes much easier when you make use of taping accessories. A glitter tape will fully assist you in completing your job. It will assemble all your garlands and immaculately attach them over your backdrop effortlessly. You can also use it as a décor element over your backdrop. Embellish your wedding arch with this lightweight decorative accessory and make a splash at your wedding day with the perfect hexagon wedding arch plans.


Make your hexagon wedding arch simply stunning by seamlessly putting up flower garlands over it and we’re sure that by now you have found out plenty of ways to highlight your floral embellishments. Don’t forget to fill the comments section below with your marvelous wedding décor experiences.

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