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It’s no secret that Easter and Earth Day usually take place around the same date. Since both of these holidays pay tribute to nature, why not unite the two? If you don’t know how you can stay true to the traditions of Easter without causing unintentional harm to our planet, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with a few simple twists.

Organic Easter Baskets

It goes without saying that no Easter goes without presents. Consequently, an Easter basket where children find their gifts is a symbol of the holiday. If you are tired of cheap plastic store-bought baskets and looking for more sustainable alternatives, the right place to shop from is our preserved moss collection where you can find natural baskets, such as our flower plastic planters and purse planters. Crafted from natural twigs and moss, both of these baskets will add that natural charm to your gift-giving. Since they are 100% compostable, they won’t leave that harmful waste footprint after you throw them away. Whether you fill these baskets with eggs, flowers, stones, toys, or candy, feel free to use them for your Easter egg hunts, gift-giving, or centerpieces.

Moss Instead of Plastic Grass

So, you’ve chosen an eco-friendly option for an Easter basket. What do you fill it with? Though traditional plastic Easter grass is bright and colorful, from the ecological viewpoint, it is a real “weapon” against our planet. Moreover, those little strands of plastic will be everywhere after the holiday! Thus, if you need an eco-friendlier basket filler, please take our natural moss fillers into consideration. Made from preserved fescue grass, they come in green, white, natural, and charcoal grey, meaning that these fillers will provide you with more color palette options than traditional plastic grass. Furthermore, all our moss fillers are extremely easy to work with and even can be shaped into lovely nests to hold your treats, Easter eggs, souvenirs, or whatever you are craving for.

Napkin Bunnies

Needless to say, no Easter is complete without theme decorations, and thus, many of us buy a selection of new items every year, which is great for a “wow” effect and horrible for the environment. If you do not want to reuse one and the same Easter bunnies every year, just let your creativity run wild! For example, you can craft a selection of bunnies on your own – all you need is a dozen of our 100% cotton napkins and a pinch of inspiration. Luckily, there are tons of napkin bunny tutorials – just google a bit, and you’ll see! Once Easter is over, you’ll simply unfold your bunnies, and that’s it!

Natural Eggs

Plastic eggs are tokens of modern Easter celebrations. And we understand that available in a variety of shades and sizes, they are perfect for Easter hunts. However, like all plastic stuff, they are not designed to last – in all likelihood, after the end of the holiday, you’ll throw them away, and they will take hundreds of years to decompose. So, why not use real eggs? Using natural colorants, you can paint them any color you want, adorn them with unique designs, or transform them into whimsical containers for your flowers, succulents, or candles.

Eco Tableware

If you are looking to celebrate Easter in an environmentally-friendly manner, you should say “no” to plastic tableware. Instead, you can go for a more timeless option, such as porcelain, china, or ceramics. But in case you are planning to invite a huge crowd of people and need a more affordable option, our collection of Natural Tableware is the best place to shop from. Made from palm leaf, birchwood, and bamboo, our natural disposables are 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, which means that unlike other disposable dishes, these are versatile enough to become a part of different themes.

As you can see, though there are a lot of ways to work the eco-friendly practices into your party planning, they have one thing in common – all of them are quite affordable. So, what are your ways to make your celebrations easier on our planet? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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