5 Tricks to Make Your Easter a Day to Remember

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Whether you are inviting a huge crowd of guests or planning to celebrate only with your loved ones, your Easter brunch will be taken a step further with a stylishly set table. In this blog, we’ve shortlisted proven twists to brighten your day of laughing, eating, and digging into Easter baskets.

Go for the Bolder Hues

When all the trees turn green, when flowers are finally in bloom, making a perfect contrast with bright green grass, when all the colors are brighter in the sunshine, there’s no room for neutrals anymore! April is an ideal time to embrace bolder hues, and Easter is a nice opportunity to let them hit the spotlight. Fortunately, you’ve got lots of options to do so. What’s more, there’s no need to go far (if you are not up to it, of course) – try to pull in as much color as you can from items that absolutely have to be there, like linens, napkins, napkin rings, dinnerware, and so on. For instance, while using your everyday white flower vases, you can replace a classic table runner with our artificial grass runner from our online store, style your napkins with colorful seasonal blossoms, or even decorate your feature wall with our pink/champagne silk flower wall backdrop.

Bet on Centerpieces

Believe it or not, a flower vase or an ornate candelabra are not obligatory when it comes to centerpieces. Instead of forking out on another traditional accessory for your centerpiece, look around – go to the attic or raid your grandmother’s kitchen cabinets for vintage pitchers, cups, kettles, and jars. To achieve a true display of dimension and style, try mismatching pieces, which seem to be different in terms of design. With that being said, you shouldn’t forget to check whether they go together or not before inviting a crowd of guests.

In case your grandmother’s kitchen cabinets have nothing to offer, don’t fret – in our online store, you’ll have plenty of things to choose from. For example, you can repurpose our clear cake stand from our ombre glass line into a centerpiece riser – just remove the lid and fill the stand with whatever you want to create a romantic ensemble. Looking for something airy? Stock up on our globe style glass candle holders, flip them over, fill them with water and seasonal blossoms, and arrange them into a makeshift table runner. Or if you are a crafty person, you can just transform chicken eggs into lovely planters as shown in the picture.

Bring it Outside

Are you looking for the ways to save on decorations? How about hosting your Easter brunch outdoors? The holiday falls on the most pleasant part of the spring season, so having the main springtime feast outdoors will make your celebration more intimate. Still haven’t come up with a breathtaking backdrop for your celebration? Let the nature be your backdrop! As for the table, we strongly recommend you assemble a Bohemian-style setup with accessories from our Preserved Moss line. Meanwhile, our hurricane candle holders will protect your luminaries from the windy weather, which is so common in spring. And don’t forget about your guests – pull out blankets and throw pillows to keep them warm!

Decorate with Nests

Are you looking for something besides traditional Easter bunnies for your tabletop? You can craft lovely nests with the help of our preserved moss fillers, and then, fill them with colorful Easter eggs. These small nests will beautifully complement your candle holders, vases, teacups, napkins, or whatever deserves an organic touch.

Meanwhile, those who are too tough on schedule to craft nests themselves shouldn’t look any further than our wreaths. Crafted from preserved moss and natural twigs, these are stylish replicas of bird nests. Depending on your artistic cravings, you can fill them with Easter eggs, flowers, utilize them as candle rings, or use them to accessorize your chair sashes.

Don’t Disregard Apothecary Jars

Whenever you have no centerpiece ideas, apothecary jars are always a safe bet, whether it comes to Easter or any other event. Besides being lovely containers for sweets, they can be easily transformed into whimsical terrariums – feel free to fill them with succulents, moss, twigs, flowers, rattan balls, or miniature Easter bunny figurines. Are you craving for a splash of color? Let the candy be your main centerpiece or fill your jars with multi-colored Easter eggs. Whichever fillers you choose, position the jars with balance in mind – have the tallest one in the middle and smaller ones – on either sides.

As you can see, you are only five steps away a perfect Easter brunch – all you need is just to give way to your creativity and not to be afraid of experiments! So, what are your personal ways to make any Easter celebration a day to remember? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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