Mercury Glass: All You Have to Know

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You can see it everywhere, from magazines to elaborate table settings at celebrity weddings. It’s no surprise – featuring that distinctive, silvery appearance, mercury glass is hard to miss. In this article, we’ve distilled everything you need to know about this timeless material and our Mercury Glass line. So, please read on if you are ready for new discoveries!

What is Mercury Glass?

It might sound surprising, but mercury glass or silvered glass has nothing to do with silver and mercury. As a cheaper alternative to sterling, it is actually double-walled glass with the liquid silvering inside (the formula was normally injected through a tiny hole, which was then plugged with cork, wax, or metal to keep the silvering inside). Since those plugs would shrink over time, the silvering in authentic mercury glass would break down and create that molten look.

Invented in the beginning of the 19th century, it fell out of favor for some time and got back on track in the early 1900s in the form of Christmas decorations. Today, mercury glass accessories are making the front cover – they are popular with both antique collectors and design enthusiasts. Since we always strive to stay on trend and cater to your needs, our online store offers best-quality mercury glass accessories at reasonable prices!

What We Have to Offer

Though silvered glass is a second name of mercury glass, our selection also carries gold and even rose gold options. Thus, if you are looking to complement your pink or serenity table linens, please don’t neglect our adorable blush reversible mercury glass vases. At the same time, if you strive to infuse your setup with that regal flair, you shouldn’t look any further than our gold reversible vases. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed – made from glass of exceptional quality, they are versatile and durable enough to become an adornment for more than one event. Feel free to display them as they are or enhance their charm by teaming them up with matching blossoms, feathers, beads, or whatever deserves to become a part of your antique ensemble.

Meanwhile, if you already have an accent piece but need additional accessories to fill the empty space and make your setup stand out, we can help you with our mercury glass candle holders. Depending on the size of your table, you can choose from holders of 11 and 15 inches tall.

Where You Can Use Mercury Glass

If you are looking for a material, which is truly versatile, you’ll never go wrong with mercury glass. To this end, our silvered glass vases and candle holders play beautifully along with a plethora of styles, from classic tablescapes to rustic ones – everything depends on which accessories you choose to cluster around your mercury glass items. For example, the silvery shine of our mercury glass candle holders has taken our rustic denim setup to the next level, striking a perfect match with wood slices, greenery, burlap, and denim.

Meanwhile, our reversible vases have appeared to be a swanky decoration for the spring-inspired setup that you can see below. By the way, you can easily bring it to life by using our neutral-colored tablecloth, our recently arrived polka-dotted plates, rose gold baroque-style dinnerware, flower garland, and glass bubble-shaped candle holders to echo the construction of our trumpet vases!

As you can see, our mercury glass products are extremely versatile and authentic-looking – that’s why we are head over heels for them! What about you?! Aren’t you enchanted with these fashionistas? Please share your views with us in the comments below!

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