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Spring is a time for growth, expansion, and renewal. Inspired by that springtime optimism and urge to make our customers happy, we’ve added an immense variety of fancy pieces to our already extensive selection of candle holders and candelabra! From now on, you have a perfect chance to breathe that refreshing spring air into everything from party tables and backdrops to office desks and kitchen vignettes…even if you are not going to decorate with candles! To learn what exactly we have to offer and how to use it, please make a pause for a moment to read this article!

Geometric Wired Candle Holders

If you’re through with those multi-armed candelabra and massive candle holders, which are common to winter and fall setups, our geometric wired candle holders will become a perfect fit for your next table setup. Crafted from copper wire with utmost intricacy and craftsmanship, they are in rose gold shade – one of the reasons why these recently arrived pieces are already extremely popular with our customers (yeah, rose gold are still on the top of the charts and won’t lose its ground in the nearest future!).

If you are looking to see even more Scandinavian lines on your tabletop, we are at your service with our geometric hanging tealight holders, which will instantly transform your table into a piece of style and dimension. Whichever holder is to your liking, the blush or the gold one, you won’t be disappointed – both of them feature the inserted votive candle holder that will prevent your luminaries from falling over, while the geometric construction will allow you to suspend these charms at different heights to achieve that breathtaking spectacle to behold.

To make the most of our wired candle holders, please don’t hesitate to style them with greenery and combine them with similar minimalist accessories, including our marbleized succulent pots and wrought iron ceramic pots. On top of that, it would be a nice idea to add some neutral tones, which are so IN every spring, regardless of what is on trend!

Long-Stem Glass Candle Holders

Are you looking for something refreshing and lightweight, like a gasp of spring wind? Need a statement piece for your upcoming wine-tasting event? You may rest assured – our newly arrived long-stem glass candle holders will be a safe bet! Made from thick glass, they are king-sized replicas of classic wine glasses, and unlike the latter, they are durable enough to withstand your tough spring schedule of events. Sold in trios of pieces of 12, 14, and 16 inches tall, they are perfect tools for a balanced and cohesive combo. Certainly, they can be displayed as they are, but your guests will be truly bedazzled if you fill them with matching blossoms, add some distilled water, and finish things off with a floating candle. To end up with a picture-perfect display, feel free to combine your floating centerpiece with mismatched terrariums filled with blossoms – there’s no doubt, your guests will be buzzing about your event for a long time to come!

Votive Candelabra with Hurricane Covers

It goes without saying that as the sun gets higher, it’s impossible to combat that urge to celebrate outdoors. Since the windy weather is not uncommon in spring, and it is sometimes challenging to keep candles from being blown out without a struggle, our votive candelabra with hurricane covers  is a nice solution! Made from heavy-duty metal, these darlings are accentuated with dazzling acrylic diamond strands, which will create those lovely dancing sun puddles. Furthermore, you can easily remove those amber hurricane covers to display your favorite blossoms or whatever deserves to become a part of an eye-catching centerpiece. Since they are gold, these fashionistas will beautifully play up your spring-inspired pastels, as well as with deep tones.

Votive Candle Holders with Hurricane Covers

Whether you are not into multi-armed candelabra, or your theme calls for separate candles in mismatched candle holders, we strongly recommend you give a chance to our pillar votive candle holder with a hurricane cover. Crafted from heavy-duty material, they feature solid metal construction and removable amber hurricane covers, making them so similar to the candelabra, which was described above. Styled with a diamond-like acrylic sphere, this candle holder will be a match made in heaven with crystal accessories from our selection.

That said, you can feel free to choose, whether to display this fashionista alone or combine it with other candle holders, including our metal loop glass hurricane votive candle holder with an acrylic crystal top, gold cage holder with a hurricane votive candle cup, and gold metal coiled design glass hurricane holder. Made from metal with gold coating, all of them feature amber cups, meaning that they will look nice when used within the same setup.

Cage Candle Holders

Chances are you are planning to use decorative cages to display your seasonal blossoms. To this end, including something else cage-related would be a nice idea. For example, if you are looking to throw parties outdoors this spring, our metal hanging cage metal holder will definitely come in handy – available in 17, 19, and 21 inches tall, it is fashioned in a classic cage design, while its sturdy golden hook will allow you to suspend it from trees or arches for a whimsical setup. At the same time, if you are looking to see more golden elements in your backyard party décor, you should take our cage holder with a crystal baroque top into consideration – make no mistake, it will pair beautifully with our freshly arrived royal
crown cake topper.  

Are you going to orchestrate an al fresco-style event indoors? Well, you’ve got a great chance to showcase our black metal cage holder – with a stylish diamond crystal ball atop, it will beautifully resonate with our metal loop glass hurricane votive candle holder with an acrylic crystal top and pillar votive candle holder with a hurricane cover, which feature similar sparkly accents. Meanwhile, whenever your tabletop calls for golden accents, please consider our gold metal cage pillar candle holder, which can be displayed either as tabletop accent or as a ceiling decoration.

Trends are changing, and so is our selection of candle holders. Believe it or not, the range of our recently arrived items is so huge that it’s impossible to mention all of them here! To this end, we strongly recommend you drop by our online store and see what else we have to offer. And while you are still here, please share your thoughts and ideas about these beauties in the comments below!

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