Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Our Chic Christmas Wreath Ideas!

The holiday season is in full swing, wrap the gifts, trim the trees and deck the halls with glee as you’re in for the most wonderful time of the year. This season is filled with magic and cheer where you enjoy and cherish the relations! What is the most wonderful time of the year all about? They say it’s the fun and festive traditions, we say it’s decorating! From those festive luminaries, brightening the outdoors, to the merry indoors with garlands, shiny ornaments and not to forget those beautiful Christmas wreaths that give your space a festive pop. Wreaths are an essential decoration element in any celebration, but they are mostly associated with Christmas as they get you into the holiday spirit in no time. If you feel that you lack the creative instincts of an artist and the very thought of spending precious time creating a DIY Christmas wreath may seem nearly impossible, we have cherry-picked some easy-to-make DIY Christmas wreath ideas for you to prove otherwise. Just keep on reading and cast your eyes on the setup video and photos to get a panoramic view of our lovely Christmas wreaths that’ll even impress Santa!

Nordic Style Christmas Wreath!

It goes without saying that Christmas wreaths signify the cheerful Christmas season and invoke the festive spirit in everyone around. No matter where you want to display these festive Christmas wreaths, either front door, windows, or inside the home, they will bring the Christmas magic in the air and will elevate the holiday spirit to a new high. Crafting a beautiful Christmas wreath isn’t a difficult task, as you just need to pick the right elements, seasonal adornments, and a dash of holiday feel. To make our Christmas wreath more inviting and cozy we infuse rustic vibes into the whites and crafted a simple yet classic Scandinavian style Christmas wreath. We started off by gathering all the festive supplies from metal hoop wreath and lightly frosted greenery garland to snowy pine cones and gave ourselves a jolly good time creating this astounding rustic wreath. After crafting, choose your favorite spot to hang, either indoors or on the entrance and greet your guests in a classic Nordic style this festive season.

 christmas wreath

Holiday season comes with lots of festivities, at times it becomes too hard to think about some amazing decorations, especially if you are not a crafty person. For your ease we have come up with a stylish yet easy Christmas wreath idea that will stylishly bedeck your ambiance and that too without breaking the banks. To create this rustic Christmas wreath we picked our gold metal ring and attached our greenery garland with olives on half of the hoop, leaving other half plain to execute the pure rustic sensations. Since it’s a Nordic style Christmas wreath we gave it a rustic touch by spray painting the olives in gold and kept the theme going. To further enhance the rustic feel of this Scandinavian Christmas wreath, we glued some pine cones on it using glue sticks with craft glue gun and beautifully hung our kissing bells in the middle cheering jingle bells all around. Voila! Our whimsical Christmas wreath is all set to cast a mesmeric spell on everyone around.

 christmas wreath

Amazing Rustic Christmas Wreath!

The most beautiful thing about creating festive Christmas wreaths is that they can be made with almost anything, but while crafting a rustic wreath, burlap should be your first choice as nothing speaks rustic more than burlap. We have got you covered with the simplest and quickest rustic Christmas wreath idea that will surely spruce your Christmas decor up a notch. To make your crafting experience a lot more easier and a fun affair, we opted for our preserved moss wreath that will be an ideal foundation for wreath making as its twigs and twine wraps adds that perfect rustic flair. To elevate the chic rustic appeal of our Christmas wreath we elegantly heightened it with a beautifully crafted bow made out of our burlap ribbon roll and bingo! An astounding Christmas wreath is all set to greet the festive season with all its glory!

 christmas wreath

A Bucolic Floral Christmas Wreath!

If you’re in love with those rustic-style Christmas wreath ideas that have a touch of lovely floral, then you are in for a treat, as we have created an incredible looking rustic floral Christmas wreath that will add a festive floral cheer to your Christmas wreath decor. To achieve our desired look we chose our preserved moss wreath and further adorned it with our miniature wooden slices along with some natural-looking barks and creatively embraced these tokens of nature in this rustic floral Christmas wreath. Furthermore, we elevated the look of these natural pieces with a beautifully knotted gold satin ribbon gracefully fixed with a glue stick. For adding those perfect floral touches we stylishly set our red foam roses and paired them with some snow dusted barks to make it look more winter inspired. For those who love flowers we have created a simple yet stunning floral wreath by cleanly adorning our moss wreath with red foam roses on one side letting the rest exposed. Apart from being breathtakingly gorgeous, these beautiful Christmas wreaths can be assembled really fast and won’t even cost you a small fortune.

 christmas wreath

Beguiling Christmas Wreath Decor!

Revel and rejoice with friends and family this Christmas by giving an alluring Christmas wreath decor to your living room space and feel festive the whole time. To create this swoon-worthy Christmas wreath decor, we suggest gracefully decorating it with the DIY Christmas wreaths that we have created above and magnificently bring out the magic of this holiday season. Since red & white colors are associated with Christmas, so we decided to deck out our space with these festive shades. We elegantly dressed up our windows with white sheer curtains and coupled them with burgundy velvet curtains and further heightened their look by beautifully knotting them with lovely blooms like burgundy peony rosebud, cream foam rose and fake ferns. Later, we hung our hand-crafted floral and rustic wreaths on them and capped off our beautiful Christmas wreath decor by hanging our Scandinavian Christmas wreath in the middle with a burlap ribbon. This lovely rustic and floral Christmas wreath decor will help you showoff your festive spirit this Christmas in the most festive way.

 christmas wreath


As you can see, it doesn’t require a lot of skill or effort to create your own Christmas wreath. What makes it even more fun is the fact that you can personalize it according to the rest of your decor to impress your friends and family with your creative skills! So, did you like our rustic and floral Christmas wreath ideas? Will you try and recreate these wreaths to make this Christmas more special? Please share your thoughts and comments in the section below!


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