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The change in the air and the sensational sights and sounds of the natural surrounding are indicating towards the arrival of the most festive time of the year. Yes, its winters, a season worth celebrating! The cool and crisp air along with the beautiful landscapes brings out the holiday cheer in each one of us. Undoubtedly, winter is the season to stay cozy indoors while celebrating all the merriments that come along with it. It is the season of festivities, means lots of get together, family visits, holiday parties and most importantly some interesting winter decorations to turn our homes into a cozy winter haven. Giving a home makeover is always a fun part of winters, as we get a chance to transform our plain and lackluster space into something more fascinating and exciting. For that we have come up with some festive and cheerful winter home makeover ideas that will make your home look and feel more festive. Read along to learn how some simple winter decorations can make your home super cozy this season. Happy winters!


Quirky Geometric Winter Wreath!

Nothing makes a stunning first impression than an astounding front door wreath to welcome everyone this festive season. Give yourself a break from those typical ring wreaths and add a quirky geometrical twist to your winter decorations by crafting a geometric wreath and give a unique makeover to your front door this winter. Unleash your artistic soul and try out our geometric candle holders to serve as your wreath base. Creatively join few of these geometric candle holders with hard glue and give it a wreath shape. Further accentuate it with natural green elements like eucalyptus garland & leaf garland to create one-of-a-kind winter wreath. Whenever we think about winter decorations, rich seasonal colors and textural coats come in our mind, so while giving a winter home makeover to your place keep all these elements in mind. Craft this amazing DIY winter wreath by infusing a bit of greenery, some sunshine, and of course the soft and calming hues of winter white in it. Welcome your guests this festive season by hanging this adorable wreath on your front door or stylishly place it on your coffee table and perk up your winter home makeover 2020 in a delightful way.

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An Inviting Sparkling Entryway!

The season of festivities has just started, that calls for some festive winter decorations to liven up the spirits of everyone around. To get into the holiday mood, start giving your home an enthralling and exciting winter home makeover by decking up your entryway in a cool and wintery manner. Exude a welcoming and inviting allure by spreading a warm gleaming effect through our metal lanterns. Place them beautifully on the stairs and light them with LED flameless candles to illume up your entryway in a charismatic way. Further add more magic into the entire setup by illuminating your small Christmas tree in a pot with our string fairy lights and give your entryway an insta-worthy appeal. Give your front porch a dazzling, modern and attractive home makeover with this inviting and sparkly entryway and enhance your winter decorations in the most enticing manner.

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Invigorating Kitchen Counter Makeover!

Since we spend more of our time indoors during winter season, so try to give your home a more engaging and pleasing feel. There’s always a place in our homes where we enjoy spending more of our time to have those sizzling chit chats, evening meals, or morning coffee. A kitchen counter is surly that one spot where you get all that comfort and convenience. Bring natural elements inside your humble abodes and refresh all the dull and boring nooks of your house. In order to achieve that refreshing look turn your kitchen counter into a botanical garden by placing our wooden planter box filled with leaf garlands along with LED flameless candles and exude a warm scintillating allure all around your space. Add some fresh frosty flair by placing a glittered rattan ball inside our silver favor cup and set this charming decorative accent along with leaf garland atop our wooden slab and ingeniously boost the impact of your kitchen countertop. With these simple home makeover ideas you can give your home a refreshing new look this winter season.

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Liven up the festive spirit all this winter season and think about some ingenious ways to give your winter decorations a brand new allure. This time bring some fruity flair into your winter centerpieces and give a delightful twist to your kitchen countertop or any other table that you like to give a makeover. To begin with, creatively place our moss grass in a way that you like and infuse some natural elements by placing some fresh apples nestled with leaf garland and red stems or you can also pick our 6’’paper lanterns if you want to keep it for long. Finish off this beautiful centerpiece by charmingly placing a LED flameless candle inside and see the magic this masterpiece will create in warming up your winter decorations. The amazing blend of different elements of this decor will give your winter home makeover a truly festive and shiny allure and will make your home look more festive and welcoming this winter season.

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Cuddly Living room Makeover!

We love cuddling and snuggling inside our cozy homes all winter season, thus it becomes important to make our indoors more calming and relaxing. Living room is one such favorite spot in the house where we spend most of our family time, so give this area a comfy makeover. Soft and pastel hues are associated with winters, so give your home makeover a feel of winters by infusing all those soft wintry shades. Get your windows an exciting makeover by covering them up with white sheer curtains and further pair them up with ivory polyester curtains and breathe life into an entirely relaxing ambiance.

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Turn your living room into a restful resort by covering your plain pillows and cushions with our velvet fabric in silver and white colors and elevate its comfort up a notch by setting a blanket on one side of the sofa. Exhibit the feel of freshly fallen snow by placing white flowers in pots and trumpet vase on the side tables and let this whole set up create a warm snuggly feel into your living room. Add style with comfort by setting our burlap table runner atop your coffee table and further place your favorite items on it, you may place our white serving tray to keep your everyday nibbles and munchies in a place. Enjoy giving yourself a cuddly and snuggly home makeover this season and get over with all those winter blues.

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Comfy Bedroom Makeover!

Nothing comforts more than a warm and comfy bedroom, as it’s the place where you tuck all your worries away and relax yourself up. When you are giving a home makeover to your place, make sure that you warm up your bedroom with the most comfy and pleasing furniture and accessories, so that it adds elegance and luxury into your entire setup. We all long for sunlight during the winter season and to make it reach your bedroom, give your windows a nice covering with some soft hued curtains and sheer fabric.

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 Exhibit a classy elegance into your bedrooms by picking our white lace curtains and bring that sunshine on your beds, our champagne velvet blackout curtains will also help to keep that winter chill out while bringing an imperial classiness into your everyday life. To add a warm wintry feel to your bedroom, cover the walls with our white peel & stick 3D foam brick wall tiles and hang string bulb lights for some gleaming effects. These simple yet classic winter home makeover ideas will turn your bedroom into a comfy and snuggly spot and will give your mornings a joyful twist.

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Celebratory Dining table Makeover!

We plan lots of family dinners during this festive season and for that a refreshing dining table makeover is what is required for sure. Dining rooms are actually the central hub for entertaining and family gatherings and are likely to be kept for fancier occasions and holiday festivities. At times it becomes difficult to give a new look to your dining table while hosting a dinner, so we suggest to give it a standard home makeover that could complement with any occasion that comes during this season.

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To give a timeless elegance to your dining table exhibit fanciful centerpieces and calmer color palettes like grey and silver, as they can be an ideal choice for this season of festivities. Beautifully set our Rosette Silver Table Runner and chair caps and mark a bigger and bolder impact on your dining table. To elevate the beauty of this festive table up a notch enchantingly place our silver flower vase along with some other silver decorative pieces and showcase your style in a classic way. Flowers always add that mesmeric feel into any setup, so create that exotic display of shine and sparkle by placing a charming bunch of burgundy silk peony flowers in our cylinder vase and give your winter decorations a blooming magical touch.

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Winter decorations are always great fun, by adding those soft hues and a bit of greenery you can give your home makeover a stylish and moderate touch. We hope that our simple yet chic home makeover ideas have given you enough inspiration to style your home in a way that truly reflects your personal taste and mood. We would love to know how you have planned to give a home makeover to your place this winters. Looking forward to your inspirational comments in the box below!

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