Last-Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor for a Lavish Setup

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Are you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving feast for your loved ones? This much-awaited and arguably the most important dinner of the year brings a long to-do list with it. Between perfecting your turkey roast recipe, planning and preparing the sides and stuffing, and baking your family’s all-time favorite pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving table decor is often put on the back burner. But the table setup shouldn’t be treated like an afterthought. No matter how small or big your gathering is, we think that the dinner tablescape is hands down a major element of the night—after all, it’s a feasting holiday!

With the holiday merely days away, if you haven’t started gathering ideas and supplies for your Thanksgiving table decor, it’s time to pull out all the stops and maybe even rally the troops because you’ll need all the help you can get to whip up a lavish and thoughtful-looking tablescape at this last minute. Luckily for you, we’ve set up a stunning and classy Thanksgiving dinner table with festive colors and gorgeous accents that is truly elegant and posh yet super easy to assemble! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Watch the set up video and photos and scroll down below to learn how to put together a glorious Thanksgiving table in the nick of time!


For a holiday that is steeped in tradition, it was only fitting that we leaned towards a classic color palette that features the iconic hues of red and orange with earthy and metallic tones to offset the color story and evoke a glamorous festive vibe. And since we strongly believe that adding textures and layers is what makes all the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary tablescape, choosing linens that work well together but also inject an eye-catching textural element into our decor was our preference. Hence, we have elegantly draped our table with a natural-colored slubby textured linen tablecloth to set the foundation. Emulating the suave bucolic look and rugged texture of natural burlap fabric, our faux burlap textured tablecloth is made from 100% polyester fabric which gives it the smooth and glossy finish that has added a sophisticated and refined flair to the tablescape. However, in order to stylishly counterpoint the rustic charm of our neutral-hued tablecloth, we have paired it with a burgundy-colored satin table runner and a burnt orange satin sash running down the middle that has brought in a riveting contrast of festive on-theme colors.

Thanksgiving table

Table Settings

Once the base for our table was all set, we have moved onto our Thanksgiving table setting. Because we wanted to incorporate texture into every aspect of our table decor to effortlessly add an enticing visual interest, our gold round reef charger plates instantly caught our eye. Thus, we have set the stage with these stunning metallic gold chargers featuring a reef-like motif and texture and topped them with our red and gold rimmed vine design dinner plates that subtly hinted towards the bountiful harvest season. Moreover, while the lustrous burgundy satin napkins were neatly folded and tucked under each charger plate with one end hanging down the table, we also arranged the gold baroque design cutlery on top of the plates and placed gold-rimmed flutes alongside the plates to serve up those festive Thanksgiving cocktails to our guests adding perfect little finishing touches to our classy Thanksgiving table setting.

Thanksgiving table

Tabletop Decorations

As soon as we were done with arranging the place settings, next in line were the tabletop decorations. Since we were looking for some sleek and stylish Thanksgiving table centerpieces that won’t take hours to put together, we settled on decking out our table with lots of flowers and candles. To set the ball rolling, we have bunched up some artificial burgundy peonies, orange-colored silk chrysanthemums, and cream-hued roses and hydrangeas in a couple of tapered neck clear glass vases creating two striking Thanksgiving table floral centerpieces that have helped reinforce the classic fall colors into our setup. You can also choose to display fresh floral bouquets in your vases but we recommend that you follow our example and stick to artificial flowers to save yourself from the hassle of finding fresh blooms that are pretty hard to source at this time of the year.

Thanksgiving table

Even though the plump turkey is the star of any Thanksgiving dinner table, we were in need of a striking centerpiece that’ll not only smartly occupy the space but will also add just the right amount of glamour and radiance before the bird hits the table. Thus, we have thoughtfully selected our gleaming silver mercury glass pillar candle holders pairing them with our flickering ivory LED pillar candles. Placed between the two floral centerpieces, the trio of silver glass candle holders has added glorious dimension to the tablescape not to mention their sleek structure and the flameless LED candles that’ll make swapping out this candleholder centerpiece with the turkey completely safe and risk-free.

Thanksgiving table

Because we wanted to further highlight our setup, we ended up illuminating the table with more candles to cast a playful glow onto our Thanksgiving tablescape. But this time around, we opted for our shimmering metallic gold pillar candles in varying sizes and arranged them on both sides of the table using natural round wood slices as a base. The bucolic appeal of the wood slice coupled with the metallic luster of our dripless and long lasting pillar candles was just the perfect addition to our tablescape. But we didn’t just stop there! We have also placed a pair of our chic criss-cross design gold metal votive holders on our table with white LED votive candles tucked inside along with some gold LED tealight candles and a few glass globe votive holders holding gold votive candles that have added to the cozy and welcoming allure of our Thanksgiving table set up.

Thanksgiving table

Additional Decorations

Although everything was in place, there was something missing that’ll tie it all together. So we decided to bet on adding some foliage to our table decor to take it to the next level, and boy did it pay off! As you can see in the video, the green leafy LED string garland which we snaked down around all the accents and the orange leaves which were scattered around the dark and moody burgundy table runner proved to be the missing pieces to the puzzle.

However, when it came to decorating the chairs we knew that we didn’t want to leave them naked but we also didn’t want to overplay it with loud and over the top chair decor accessories. Hence, we have simply adorned the chair backs using plain burnt orange satin chair sashes for a lovely cohesive flair.

Thanksgiving table

Oozing a festive aura with a hint of understated rustic elegance, this Thanksgiving table decor is surely an interesting play on rustic meets glam! Don’t you agree? Visit our online store now and gather all the aforementioned supplies to recreate this stunning Thanksgiving tablescape without breaking a sweat! Did you like our amazing yet easy thanksgiving table decorations? Please share your thoughts and opinions about our setup in the comments section below. Happy Thanksgiving!

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