How Big Should A Table Centerpiece Be?

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Whether you are hosting a grand wedding reception or a small-scale soiree, there are tons of details that need to be taken care of and table decoration is one of them. We all agree on the fact that tables are a vital part of any reception because the guests who spend most of their time sitting around them surely notice the festive look and their coherence with the rest of the party theme. Apart from table linens and place setting, wedding centerpieces are the most visible décor element as they not only serve as an alluring focal point, giving you the perfect chance to augment your party theme but also help you exhibit your unique style in the trendiest way. Your simple wedding tables can be instantly transformed into a fabulous décor element only if you know the art of highlighting the aesthetics of your reception tables with well-coordinated wedding centerpieces. If you have already decided on your wedding theme and are looking for some wedding centerpiece ideas to add fun and fashion to your party tables but are uncertain about how big should your centerpiece be, worry not as we have gathered some elegant wedding centerpiece inspirations and useful guidelines that will help you choose the finest showpiece for your tables and bring an ultimate charm and executive look into your overall party décor.

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How Do You Make A Large Centerpiece?

A wedding centerpiece is unquestionably one of the vital components of your reception décor. The size and visual appeal of your tabletop decor accents can make or break the overall event ambiance so picking and choosing the centerpiece that is appropriate in height and dimension is truly an art. The most exciting part about using massive visual elements on your reception tables is that they exude an air of flamboyance and sophistication while keeping your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party. If you are dreaming big and would like to take your table décor to a class above, but don’t know where to start, take guidance from our brilliant ideas which will help you unleash creativity and add exquisite details to your tables with large centerpieces.     

Bring Imagination To Life With Blooming Bridges

Truly, large centerpieces add texture and modern flair to your reception tables and bring ultimate drama to the entire venue. But before you create and display your large or tall centerpiece, do remember that it must not disrupt cross-table discussion and occupy space only in the center of the table allowing the guests to experience the lavish party menu. Our over-the-table stand is the best option to create a vibrant and dramatic floral bridge which can be further prettified with our lifelike fake floral garlands, greenery vines, and lights. Our plexiglass sheets when placed atop this classic double frame gold stand will help you create a firm foundation for your floral arrangement as you bring your creativity to reality with your preferred décor highlights while allowing your guests to engage in delightful conversations without being interrupted. However, remember to take down the beautiful display after the event is over as it can be recreated for any other festive occasion with a new flair.    

Get Creative With Large Floral Runners

From floral walls to alluring arches, wedding flowers are used in many interesting ways and tables are no exception. Floral runners have been very popular as these blooming décor accents when displayed right in the center of the table transform a traditional tablescape into an enthralling piece of art. Get creative with our nearly natural ranunculus flower garland vine and foam daisy & dahlia flowers in a mix of colors to complement your overall wedding theme and décor preferences. Punctuate this gorgeous display with LED garland string lights and luxury candles to set the most captivating scene on your reception tables.   

How Much Should I Budget For Centerpieces?

There is a plethora of designs and choices when it comes to deciding on your unique wedding centerpiece. Lush blooms, flickering candles, rustic lanterns, and other colorful table décor accents are just a few options to bring life to your simple party tables and highlight your wedding style while complementing your overall party décor. There is no predefined limit when it comes to deciding on the cost of your wedding centerpiece. It could be as minimum as $50 per table or as high as $500 as it fluctuates with the number of guests, the wedding venue, and of course your table décor preferences.

The centerpiece is the most impactful way to add flair and panache to the tables, so for instance, if you go with the most extravagant option of real flowers, chances are you might exceed your allocated budget. The best option here is to opt for artificial flowers which will potentially be more cost-effective while you’ll still be able to make big and bold statements on your party tables. The best thing about our lifelike faux blooms is that they live longer and can easily translate into your home life after the event is over as a treasure from your big day.

Wedding centerpieces, being the most noticed décor accents when aligned correctly with your party tables imbue timeless elegance and a festive feel to your entire venue. You are most welcome to visit Tableclothsfactory and explore our spectacular range of trendy centerpieces and choose the one that matches your style and wedding theme. Do share your favorite pick in the comment section below. 

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