How To Secure Flowers To A Wedding Arch?

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The wedding ceremony is one of the life-changing moments that everyone wants to celebrate with a blast. Whether it’s about exchanging rings or creating lifelong memories with your loved one, you surely need a stunning wedding arch that will add charm to your ceremony in the most romantic way. An arbor adorned with a splendid floral arrangement not only enhances your wedding ambiance but also serves as a blissful backdrop to capture some lovely moments which will be cherished for a long. Among many designs and structures, the hexagon wedding arch is the most trending preference by couples. When decorating your wedding arch, you have endless choices from florals, garlands, drapes to opulent roses and leaves but it’s all about selecting a backdrop that redefines and amplifies your color palette most stunningly. To find answers to questions like how do you secure flower to arch, keep reading to discover extremely easy ways to secure blooms to your wedding arch and create a perfect statement piece for your big day.          

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Picking The perfect Arch

After finalizing your venue, your next interesting task is selecting the arch that proves to be the perfect fit for your wedding. Opting for a trending hexagon wedding arch will surely amplify the splendor of your ceremony area and take your event décor to the next level. If you are in search of a modish and classy metal hexagon wedding arch, then do explore to order a robust and chic arch and add festivity to your big day.       

Secure Your Blooms To The Arch Using Floral Accessories

Since the task of ordering the wedding arch has been accomplished, now begins the fun part of decorating it with artificial flowers and greenery to have a balanced and coordinated ambiance that goes perfectly with your style and theme. Anchoring your wedding arch using pots and planters filled with decorative stones, faux stems, sandbags, and faux florals would be a great idea to avoid any mishap. Now arrange your preferred blooms effortlessly on your hexagon wedding arch using premium Styrofoam blocks. Attach these high-quality blocks seamlessly to your wedding arch using cable ties. Whether you are opting for real flowers or going for faux florals, these blocks serve the purpose equally well for both. Now pick floras and greeneries of various colors, textures, and sizes to create an exceptional wedding arch. Go for burgundy long stem filler flowers, dusty blue dahlia silk flowers, or ivory silk long stem chrysanthemum flowers, and fill the empty spaces with rose gold bay leaves, and fern fond leave spray to give a splendid touch to your floral arrangement. Making beautiful bunches of colorful flowers using green floral tape would add life to your floral décor. To add more colors to your hexagon wedding arch, add a few silk flowers heads in the center for a distinctive appeal. Select from cream roses, lavender lilies, eucalyptus garlands with ranunculus flowers, or burgundy dahlias to match the theme and style of the your décor scheme. Using faux flowers to adorn your hexagon wedding arch would always give you an option to save your décor elements even after the event ends.

Add Value To The Arch With Garlands And Drapes

The décor of the wedding arch seems incomplete without garlands and drapes. This time follow the tradition with style by adorning your arch with leaf garlands, pink flower garlands, and wine flower garlands without any hassle using white pew clips which are good enough to give your garlands a stronghold over your wedding arch. Another possibility is to use backdrop clips made of nylon which makes them easy to handle and makes your decor look more prominent with a touch of class. Bring an imperial feel with a tulle fabric drape that will add romantic vibes to your overall design. Use satin ribbons and decorative tapes to hold the fabric in place over your arch. Explore Navy Blue Satin Ribbon and Rose Gold Decorative Satin Ribbon bows that will look gorgeous with the tulle drapery and make the hexagon wedding arch look imperial and one of its kind.

Do apply these simple yet classy ways to beautify your hexagon wedding arch with flowers, garlands, and drapes, and let us know in the comment section below about your décor experiences. 

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