How Do You Use Sunflower Flower Arrangements?

Sunflowers are the ultimate summer flowers that exude happiness and cheer up the mood and surroundings. Apart from being iconic for their vibrant yellow color, sunflowers also symbolize loyalty, longevity, fortune, and good luck. They are the perfect blooms for any season and you can use them anywhere—from a lovely sunflower backdrop and centerpiece to a gorgeous sunflower bouquet. However, using large, bright, and beautiful sunflowers elegantly in an arrangement can be a bit tricky. So if you’re considering incorporating them in your decor but are not sure how do you use sunflower flower arrangements, we’ve got some new and unique ways to add a refined and sophisticated touch to your decorations. Keep on reading and find out riveting sunflower arrangement ideas that’ll turn your decor into anything but tacky!

sunflower arrangements

Harmonize Your Decor Elements!

Since sunflowers demand attention no matter where they are used, try incorporating them into various decor elements to create a theme. If you’re leaning towards decorating your event tables with beautiful sunflower centerpieces to brighten up the aesthetics, go a step further and create a striking sunflower backdrop for a cohesive look. Install our greenery panels on your wall and tuck in varying sized artificial silk sunflower bloom heads along with a few other flowers in similar tones to enhance your backdrop sunflower party decorations tenfold.

Embrace Colors!

Sunflowers are loved for their iconic yellow color that majestically stands out when paired with other colored blooms. Thus, a great way to pull off a stunning sunflower arrangement is to use a variety of tones to make the golden hues of the sunflower really pop. If you want to perk up your fall wedding decorations, bedeck your wedding arch or arbor with our gorgeous artificial sunflower garlands and accent them with a mix of jewel-toned silk flowers such as burgundy-colored silk flowers, artificial purple sprays, and navy blue silk flowers with green leaves for a dynamic and dramatic sunflower wedding arch decor that’ll surely make heads turn!

Highlight The Sunflowers!

There is no doubt that sunflowers exude a vibrant aura that is hard to overshadow. But complementing these bright yellow blooms with neutral accents and tones can further put them in the limelight and bring a dramatic and eye-catching allure to the decor. If you’re thinking of setting up a sunflower backdrop for a baby shower party, choose an ivory-colored backdrop curtain as your base and bedeck it with gleaming sunflower string lights and sunflower silk pomander balls to let the cheery yellow tones shine through bringing happiness and joy to your party.

Blend In Natural Accents!

Sunflower flower arrangements imbue a rustic feel to the decor. Thus, blending in some natural accents with sunflowers is the perfect way to accentuate your rustic or countryside themed decorations. Combine some artificial green thistle flowers, tall fake succulent plants, and natural pine cones with silk sunflower stems tying them with a jute burlap ribbon to create a charming sunflower bridal bouquet. You can also deck out your reception and wedding ceremony chairs with sunflower bloom heads and burlap ribbon bows to effortlessly elevate the rustic charm of your decorations.

With these unique and seamless ways, the oh-so-bright sunflowers will be the perfect addition to any floral arrangement regardless of the season. We hope that our tips, tricks, and sunflower arrangement ideas have inspired you and helped answer all your questions about how do you use sunflower flower arrangements. Which of these new ways are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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