How Much Material Do I Need For Wedding Arch?

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A beautifully decorated wedding arch is the main highlight of any wedding, it’s that spot where the couple exchanges their vows and makes promises of lifetime. So, while planning out for your wedding decorations make sure that you set your wedding arch in such way that it captures every one’s attention and gives you some precious memories that you will cherish for years to come. Wedding arch comes in amazing shapes, if you have a Boho wedding in your mind, then we suggest picking triangle wedding arch as it looks unique and adds that magical touch into the entire ambiance. There are plenty of ways to decorate a triangle wedding arch, for instance, with flowers, fabric, balloons, or any decoration that matches with your wedding theme. For those who want to ornament their boho triangle wedding arch with amazing embellishments and are figuring out, ‘How much material do I need for wedding arch?’ scroll down and explore some useful tips we are sharing that will help you create an elegant diy triangle wedding arch without breaking the banks.

triagnle wedding arch

Know the dimensions of the arch!

For those who have an image in their mind on how they want their triangle wedding arch to look like on their special day, there are some points that they should consider before getting started. Either you want to dress up your boho wedding arch with fabric, floral, or anything else, make sure that you know the dimensions of your triangle wedding arch, because only then you can find out how much material you need to build triangle wedding arch. To make your task of setting up a lovely wedding arch a breezy affair, we offer our metal triangle wedding arch that has an overall height of 8 ft and width about 64’’. The robust base of this triangle wedding arch will help you fix your flowers, fabric, balloons, or any other adornments in the prettiest way and will let you set a backdrop that will surely be a treat to watch.


Choice of fabric for the arch!

The most beautiful way of decorating a triangle wedding arch is with fabric. The cascading layers of an elegant fabric will give your wedding arch a super classy look and will exude flamboyant and panache all around your space. Though it might seem like a costly affair but with a little sensibility you can set up a luxurious looking triangle wedding arch while staying in budget. The first thing that you should do is to pick the fabric that suits your style along with the shade that complements with the wedding theme. Ooze timeless elegance by picking up a chiffon fabric, that is 54’’wide and 10 yards in length and has sheer elegance with light and delicate texture that will help you style your simple wedding arch in the most classic way. If you want to give more volume to your wedding arch drapery, we suggest choosing an organza fabric as it is extremely light but much stiffer than chiffon. The fabric bolt is available in 40 yards length and 54’’ width that will let you make lovely folds and styles without compromising on your personal style.


Choice of flowers for the arch!

Add a dash of floral charm into your wedding by setting up a lovely flower triangle wedding arch and give your simple wedding arch some beautiful colors and structure. Elevating the aesthetics of your wedding decor up a notch, a lovely floral wedding arch is definitely the most beautiful way to bring a lovely romantic vibe all around the space. While giving your triangle wedding arch plans an upscale look and feel, pick real flowers or choose from our faux floral collection and adorn your boho triangle wedding arch with them. Opt for our pink & blush/white peony flowers, ivory/coral rose/burgundy rose flowers and add eucalyptus leaves and willow greenery garland along with ivory baby breath flowers to give your simple triangle wedding arch a truly magical feel.


We hope that our set of ideas were helpful enough to let you decide how much material you need for a triangle wedding arch. If you have any other cool tips, do share with us in the comment section below!


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