How Much Sand Is Needed For A Unity Sand Ceremony In A Wedding?

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A wedding marks the union of two hearts through wedlock which is rejoiced by family and loved ones as a ceremony with not just some amazing décor signatures but also with some meaningful customs such as the wedding sand ceremony. A practice that has been in existence for a very long time also called the unity sand ceremony is performed by the couple entering wedlock by mixing or emptying colorful sands called the unity sands from different containers into a single container. Sometimes, even the parents of the bride and the groom join in the unity sand ceremony after the couple is done with their turn. When it comes to the unity sand ceremony set which involves classy jars and glass containers, people love to flaunt their sense of style but often wonder that how much sand is needed for a unity sand ceremony? Well, Tableclothsfactory helps you find answers to all such questions involving colorful unity sands to chic and charming containers and glass jars for the unity sand ceremony set. Without any further delay, let’s look at some amazing décor ideas that might make your wedding sand ceremony a bright and a brilliant one.

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Vibrant Colors and Variety of Personalities

Well, how much sand is needed for a unity sand ceremony? Apparently that is up to the couple and the wedding planner to decide about the needed amount of unity sands as the wedding sand ceremony is more about the charming ambience and vibrancy than the quantity involved. The variety of colorful unity sands involved in the unity sand ceremony depicts the various personalities that couple bring forth to their wedded life which is about to begin and the single container symbolizes their wedded life and unity sands portrays the fact that they accept their differences and are happy to live a united life. The aspects such as purity, devotion and spiritual values denoted by the white decorative sand and patience, tranquility and longevity depicted by the blue decorative sand are very much needed for a happy and a peaceful life for everyone. The other colors of unity sands such as the yellow decorative sand, red coral decorative sand, or green decorative sand used in the wedding sand ceremony depict many other important qualities needed for a successful married life and so it is up to the couple to bring in as many colors as they would love to fill the unity sand ceremony set which will be a lifelong remembrance to them about the vows and the memories they share within.

Flamboyant Vases for Chicness and Glass Jars for Class

Be it the Candy Jars with White Caps for simplicity or the exemplary class exuding Mason Glass Jars with Lid and Metal Clips or the Glass Mason Jars with Rose Gold Lid, these containers holding the colorful sands for the wedding sand ceremony add sheer chicness and flamboyance to the unity sand ceremony set. But the wedding sand ceremony set gets a perfect completion in the form of Flare Neck Heavy Duty Candle Holder or the Cloche Glass Jar with Wooden Base. In order to close these glossy jars, you can either use corks or the traditional method of using a cloth that can look whimsical while displaying them on your showcases. Use Checkered Mason Jar Fabric Cover with Scalloped Edge to cover the opening of the glass jars and fasten it using jute rope or twine for a touch of sublime subtlety.

Display with Pride within Your Humble Abode

The wedding sand ceremony set is a charming reminder about the couple’s happy married life and so displaying it with a sense of creativity can be a proud moment for them. Choose the Heavy Duty Hour Glass Vase or the elegant Heavy Duty Trumpet Glass Vase and fill them up with the bright and vibrant unity sands from the wedding sand ceremony. Display them at the showcase with some colorful faux flowers perched on top or if you prefer to flaunt your artistic sense, then use the Teardrop Clear Glass Candle Holder with the unity sands in it and place a glowing LED candle on top. The illumination and the reflection through the glass body of the candle holder will provide an exhilarating look on the showcases.

The wedding sand ceremony is more than just a ritual that can deeply impact the wedding ceremony and the wedded life of the couple when done the right way with proper planning, colorful unity sands and the correct décor items for the unity sand ceremony set. Do comment your thoughts about what else would you do creatively to enhance your unity sand ceremony!

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